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Sunday, September 10, 2006

Well I Just Saw Part I of the Path to 911

Let me say that the Democrat reaction to this movie reminds me why its likely we Republicans are still going to be in power next year. I cannot believe the Dems would threaten lawsuits and removal of licenses from TV stations if this was aired.

On the whole part 1 was pretty good and to be honest seemed to get it right. To all the Berger/Clinton Defenders out there please visit this site. Tell me what's false there. Please no google bomb Dem underground talking points please.

Anyway , I am sure that the part II will lay into Bush and associates but unlike Saint Clinton he can handle it. He certaintly has enough experience as well as the rest of his allies at being attacked unmercifully. I suppose the obvious contradiction between Democrats saying that Bush wants to destroy our civil liberties and the Dems actions this week has just floored me. We have school Children in New Orleans that think Bush blew up the freakin levees because of propaganda that is promoted by the extreme left and their various conspiracy theories. Think about that for a moment. Mostly black School kids think Bush blew up levees(this by the way is far more damaging for race relations than anything Nagin ever did) and the far left is threatening lawsuits and in a uproar over this movie.

Anyway, let me say this. We are all to blame for this little vacation from reality we took for decades. It still boggles my mind that Iran was able to keep our people for nearly a year and there was never any retaliation. I was a small kid back then but I can't imagine that happening today. Yes we had excuses and at times we had to make some horrible choices but in the end we individually and collectivelly were asleep at the switch. Yes that includes our St Reagan and Bush I. So please grow up and admit that mistakes were made under the glorious Clinton.

But more importantly lets all admit we as Citizens were not paying enough attention and demanding action. Is that so hard. Maybe if we admit that, then we can figure out what the hell we are going to do about Iran and their little nuclear bomb ambitions. Talk about a issue in the post 9/11 world that should be non partisan. Wouldn't that be wonderful. I mean we can argue about abortion, immigration, the minimum wage, Social security, medicare, affirmative action, stem cell research , Euthanasia, welfare, education, and a million other issues. However it would be nice if we could all be unified and willing to stand together and walk off the cliff together on this Iran thing especially since it is likely a choice is going to have to be made right smack dab in the Presidental Primary season.

Let me clarify the above paragraph. The question we face is if we cannot stop the Iranian Nuclear program by Diplomatic means do we take military action to stop it? That mini series should have you, me, and this entire nation asking this question. I am slightly perturbed that the the left just seems to be ignoring this urgent question. I have a slight feeling that many hope Bush will do it but don't want to share responsibility in this horrible choice if things get uncomfortable for us because of it. Good grief how can the left expect power to be given to them if they don't stand up and be counted on this one way or the other. Oh to my friends on the extreme right. Your participation is needed too but please leave the talk about a "war against Islam" at home. Unless we are about to enact the draft and enlist every male under 55 that solution is pretty much not leaving the starting gate. So we are stuck with the sticky issues of how we are going to protect our Islamic allies such as the UAE, Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain, and the young Government in Iraq if we have to take this drastic step.

Anywho unless the left goes bonkers tomorrow I shall try in the spirit of things try to keep the day non partisan.

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Anonymous Sallyvee said...

The movie is exceptionally well done, and the detail is amazing. This is what a truly gifted movie making team can do when they put their minds to it. It's an invaluable few hours of expert storytelling which strings together a lot of important details -- some of which were new even to me, a nearly obsessive news junkie.

I am extremely annoyed with Right Wing nit-picking as well as the Left Wing hysterical over-reaction. Both sides need to GET IT... like Pondering American said... WE ALL took a 30 year nap while the Islamo-nuts methodically advanced their murderous agenda. I was in college in 1979, wearing a t-shirt with Khomeini's face with a target over it... but the ranting turban head wasn't much more than a cartoon character to me... I did NOT take him a bit seriously when he declared war on us and labeled us "The Great Satan."

I am [so far] well satisfied that all characters are being portrayed fairly. The men & women of the FBI screwed up, royally. But they are fine, patriotic professionals also dealing with a whole new type of war & tactics -- just like everyone else. Not to mention trying to protect us under bizarre legal restrictions and a completely politicized system.

The Clintonites did a few things right (Ramzi Yousef is one important success) and many things wrong. Totally consistent with how Bubba & Co. managed everything else they did, with an eye mainly toward their own vanity and personal exultation. No surprises there. But let's remember who elected the Bubbas, twice, and take some responsibility.

The most riveting parts were the amazing on-location scenes -- in Manila, Afghanistan, Pakistan, etc. It was very, very compelling to see how the Paki guy who was the confidant of Ramzi Yousef and Khalid Sheik Mohammad finally gathered the courage to go to the U.S. embassy and put in motion the capture of "The Animal." I shudder to think of this gentle man's fate, and that of his wife & baby, had anything gone wrong.

One really wonderful detail that I don't ever recall reading: the two great guys from NYPD (?) who found the VIN number of the Ryder truck in the wreckage of the 1993 WTC bombing... how totally cool that they risked their careers and made an instant decision to remove that crucial piece of evidence! Also the woman cop in Manila who immediately suspected Yousef and snagged that laptop computer! You see, these are just two of the God moments which can never be calculated or quantified... it's why we need to always keep praying, because we have the True God with us, if we will only bow our heads in His name. Talk about a significant edge over our godless, hate-filled, demonic enemy.

My hat is off to ABC and all who participated in making The Path to 9/11. I am very much looking forward to Part II.

10:29 AM  
Blogger Pondering American said...

Thanks for the comments. Again after watching this movie yeah BErger dont look too hot but I swear I dont get why the Dems are all that upset. I suppose Repubs have been attacked so much that I hve a pretty high standard of tolerance lol

12:30 PM  
Anonymous Sallyvee said...

Another thing that comes through loud and clear, and is very effectively staged: how civilized and opposed to torture we are, unlike law enforcement officials in the Middle East. The movie shows non-explicit but very frightening images of Egyptian and Pakistani torture sessions.

When our guys finally snag Yousef, the Paki Special Forces commander offers to 'spend one hour with Yousef and extract every last bit of information...' but the U.S. declines, and instead takes Yousef back to the American prison/justice system where he is treated like a human being, albeit a very dangerous and criminal one.

At another juncture, the U.S. actually gets one of the '93 conspirators extradicted from Egypt, where he'd been tortured mercilessly for many months. He got 240 years in a U.S. court, but again, he's being treated like a human being not a pin cushion.

12:52 PM  

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