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Sunday, September 24, 2006

Thoughts on College Gameday Week Four

(1) New Clock Rules-- Still Bleauxs- Hopefully these will be repealed next yeR

(2) LSU- Pretty awesome game last night. Scott is a Godsend for the running game. First time I can ever recall seeing 4 LSU quarterbacks in a game. Next week should be great too

(3) Florida will be the extreme test. I am very impressed with that team. They played against a much improved Kentucky last night . Calm team that doesn't get rattled easily.

(4) Georgia needs to stay at number 9 in the polls.

(5) Notre Dame was a incredible game last night. However how the ESPN idiots are already treating them after their win is silly.

(6) USC has a close one last night considering who they were up against. They can still fall.

(7) Air Force needs some love from the media.

(8) Finally, yesterday shows anything can happen in this college football season. No major upsets but it looked several times yesterday that there would be .

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