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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Tancredo Alert--Good Grief the Koodum Citizens League Again

In the interest of party unity for the general election, I am attempting to tone down my criticism of such people as Randy Graf and Congressman Tom Tancredo. Needless to say to prevent the freak show of groundless Democrat investigations into everything Bush or worse Impeachment proceedings, I realize we have to hold on to every seat we can in 06.

However some things need to be called out. Especially when they are related to the Council of Conservative Citizens. The Pink Flamingo has a excellent recap of what has been going on as to these possible shennigans.

I suggest going to her links and taking a look at it for yourself. Tancredo needs to answer these questions.

First off some of the media, yet again, is talking about the darn wrong things again as to this issue. The result being that the issue gets clouded and people that feel attacked stop listening.

The Denver Post goes off on the wrong track and struggles to return but never does.

A great potential article gets sidelined by these nuggets
When Tancredo pleads immunity from all this, it's a wink and a nod. By demonizing illegal immigration, Tancredo has empowered and enjoyed the support of Mexican-hating xenophobes. Now, he has added the progeny of the Confederacy, whose ancestors backed slavery and racial segregation. Tancredo insists he doesn't share their bigotry. But the people he attracts help define him.

What Tancredo did is like Hillary Clinton appearing with a hammer-and-sickle flag, talking socialized medicine to an audience that includes Communists, then singing the Russian national anthem.
I asked to speak to Tancredo about the divisive symbolism of the Confederate flag and Dixie. He chose not to talk

Wrong and wrong. Growing up, guys like me were used in racist social experiments run by people who believed in the Confederate flag and Dixie. Those people meant to convince kids that whites were better than blacks. That's why guys like me avoid symbols of racial prejudice.

Let me say the above is not helpful. The Council of Conservative Citizens and increasingly the League of the South are very dangerous and extremist organizations. The league of the South is a kooky organization that has a goal the SECESSION OF THE SOUTH from the United States. The League of the South is quite upfront they are not a Southern or Confederate heritage group. Note to researchers. The League of the South is trying to take over a real confederate heritage organization. Perhaps if the Denver Post had done some research they could have interviewed these good men.

The issue is not the rebel flag or Dixie for goodness sakes. When I was at Vicksburg Military Park in Mississippi recently I was struck by its history. Many of the people that helped formed that park were Union veterans of that horrible siege. They were concerned that their former foes and now their fellow countrymen were honored. This bashing of all things Confederate would not please them. Like wise the old Confederates would not be happy with the ultimate aims of the League of the South either. Again, heritage is not the issue. TO continue to make these side issues a focus will just empower these groups. The issue is hate and kookdum. Not the issue of trying to equate people ancestors with Nazis. That will backfire.

That being said I strongly urge you to go to Pink Flamingo and look at the links. The Council of Conservative Citizens as well as the League has tried to legitimate themselves by being involved in the immigration debate. Every politician ,whether Democrat or Republican, need to know they will be called out if they have involvement with these organizations.

What are my personal feelings here? I suspect that Tancredo knew exactly who he was talking too. Especially as to the Council of Conservative Citizens. I also that for all practical purposes much of the membership of the League of the South and the Council of Conservative Citizens in South Carolina is shared. I do wonder this. Why does Sen Allen, who has far less ties to the CofCC get crucifyed by the media , but Tom Tancredo is not. Will Lou Dobbs bring this issue up? I doubt it.


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