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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

The Senator Allen Problem

I was away from my computer for a few days but this morning I had to check up on what good friend the Blogmeister was doing in St Louis. The blogmeister is of course the internet face(in a unoffical way) for the Council of (word hijack) Conservative Citizens in St Louis. I noticed he had a few things here to say about my noticeable lack of post about Sen Allen's latest problems of late. Don't worry Blogmeister football season hasnt distracted me that much. Also, I think we all care about illegal immigration , but some of us don't think the deport all big and small solution is going to work.

For the record, I am very troubled about Senator Allen and some of the allegations. First there was the comment using that much debated French word. To be honest, I am not sure what to think of that. Part of me thinks that Senator Allen must not have known that the term was not exactly a term of endearment simply because to say it knowing otherwise is just insanity. There has been quite a debate on Louisiana boards among the Cajun French if that term was a racist term. TO be frank, I was more upset at his comment of "Welcome to America" to the man of Indian descent. Even that in context could have have been intended to mean welcome to the real world America versus the America that the beltway, the NYT gives us on a daily basis.

However, I must say that supposed connections to the Council of Conservative Citizens is a big problem. To be honest all I have seen is a photo at a event in which he posed with the Mr Baum and other leaders of the CofCC at the yearly CPAC forum back in 96.
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I hope to God by the way the CofCC is not at this years CPAC conference in a offical capacity. I shall check on that. BUt to say the least people pose with tons of people at events all the time for photos. I have big doubts that Mr Charlton Heston who is also in that photo is a big fan or even has knowledge of the Council of Conservative Citizens Radical racist agenda. Especially when one recalls how Heston went out of his way to make a statement against that in the great (some say cheesy) movie The Omega Man.

One reason, I have not commented on Sen Allen is that I am waiting for the facts to become clearer. If his only connection to the CofCC is this picture then it strikes me that more needs to be found before connecting him at the hip with this extremist group. I have no doubt that if Allen is a big fan of the Council of Conservative Citizens then the evidence is out there. Until then I am withholding judgement.

One problem is the media has confused matters. They have confused associations with the Council of Conservative Citizens with such activites as then Governor Allen's signing a proclamation of Confederate Heritage month in Virginia. Well good God most of the Civil war was fought there, I have no doubt he did so. So instead of focusing on if Sen Allen is a "racist" and works with "racist" groups the whole issue has become clouded with unrelated issues relating to the Rebel Flag and confederate history. Issues that people on both sides of that tiresome debate get to irrational about.

Now this is not a defense of Sen Allen. To be honest as a person that will be backing either Gov Huckabee or Sen Brownback in the 08 Race, Sen Allen's problems help my guys to a great extent. So, right now I have a wait and see attitude. If there is a real connection between the Cof CC and Sen Allen then I will have to condem that. Right now in my view it is a tad early from the evidence I have seen.

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