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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

The Pope- The last of a literal dying breed and Some Archbishop has a Wife

The Anchoress as usual has the best set of links as well as insight on what is going as the Pope and the Muslim World. She links to a NY SUN piece that mentions what always been a fascinating piece of Benedicts history to me. That is the time he spent in a American POW camp. The Sun's piece which is a great read says in part:Günter Grass, in his memoirs, recalls an encounter with the young Joseph Ratzinger while both were held in an American prisoner-of-war camp in 1945. The young Grass, a Nazi who had been proud to serve in the Waffen-SS, was taken aback by this soft-spoken, gentle young Catholic. Unlike God, the future pope played dice, quoting St. Augustine in the original while he did so; he even dreamt in Latin. His only desire was to return to the seminary from which he had been drafted. "I said, there are many truths," wrote Grass. "He said, there is only one."
Sixty years later, just before the conclave that elected him pope, Ratzinger proved that he had never changed. The then prefect of the Congregation of the Faith — in effect, the church's theological backstop — preached a sermon to the assembled cardinals in which he denounced the "dictatorship of relativism." From that moment on, there was no other serious candidate

I have often wondered if any of the American Guards are still alive that guarded the future Pope. Yesterday, I was contemplating this fact when it hit me. Pope Benedict is pretty much the last world leader that served in World War II. He is one of the last World leaders to see the horrors of Nazism and Facism up close and personal. He recognizes facism when he sees it even though a certain US Senator and 08 DEM hopeful doesn't want us to even call them Facist. What will the World be like when the people that were part of that "greatest generation" are gone completely. In fact with how the World has stood up to the challenges so far are we not already seeing the disagreeable answer to that question. In the elected US Government that generation is pretty much gone.

Oh the NYT Opinion page pipes up again with their wisdom. I find it amusing that the Times is now telling the Pope what to do as to the famous Assisi meeting that occured where various faiths come and pray together. Pope Benedict I suspect that perhaps the World senses the wrong message from these meetings. That is that there are different truths and who cares what you believe. OF course John Paul II did not have that view but there has been a re appraisial of how that should be conducted. However the money quote is this in my view "As his unfortunate comments show, the pope needs high-level experts on Islam to help guide him.
In offering his regrets, the pope said that in its totality, his speech was intended as “an invitation to frank and sincere dialogue, with great mutual respect.” In living up to that, he and other top Vatican officials will have to accept that genuine communication cannot occur on their terms only

What is the Times talking about? When has the Vatican said that communication will occur only on their terms? THe answer is of course never and nothing in Pope's Benedict's past or present statements can be twisted to imply this "Its my way or the Highway" approach to discussion. The Vatican is constantly having high level meetings and having discussions with many other Christian Churches and non Christian groups on a monthy basis none of which I see covered in the New York Times.

Check out Amy Welborn too that has some great links also.

I guess the whole Pope infuriates Muslims story has caused this incredible bit of news to be buried on the back pages. American Papist tells us that it appears that a Archbishop from Africa has a wife and he showed up with her at a conference in New Jersey. Well we thank the Saints he is now "retired" but that is about the only good thing I can find that mitigates this scandal. Don't we excommunicate people any more for continuing to flaunt Church authority like this? Guess not.

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Heck, just let your priests marry and call yourselves Episcopalians. We will supply the martinis.


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