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Friday, September 15, 2006

The Pope and Islam

Well to say the least the Pope's remarks on Islam have caused quite a stir. I think it would be good of course to read the whole speech because the Holy Father has a lot to say to the West too that is actually quite profound.

The Holy Father has thrown down the gauntlet and this was no "media flub". By throwing down the gauntlet I don't mean he asking for a new Crusade or is about to start saying a lot of inflammatory stuff. I mean he has in a sense said the Christian World has concerns and what is your answer. This very well could be part of a process to give a huge ole spotlight to the moderate voices of the Muslim World on his trip to Turkey. A trip that the Turkish Government would be very wise to make sure continues. This is quite the interesting schedule so far of the Papal trip.
The Pope is ready to have this discussion and one gets a sense it shall be frank. There are of course great risk here and risks that often the hyper ventilating extreme right are not even aware of in most cases. For instance Christians do live and in fact have lived for over a Thousand years in these Muslim lands and the Pope must be careful of their welfare. However he can't just stand by as he sees the largest Mosque in Europe being built just outside his window when the fact that radical elements of Islam are rapidly making it difficult for Christian to worships in the Islamic World or that Countless thousands of people from the Phillipines who work in Saudi Arabi cannot even receive the sacraments or attend a Church service(They don't have access to all the religious services happening behind the scenes on the elaborate Western Compounds). The UAE is the example the Church wishes the Moslem World to follow not the insanity of religious policemen in the land of the House of Saud.

Anyway many bloggers have far better words than mine and are keeping up to date. The Anchoress hits it on the head and has a ton of links. Amy Welborn talks about how curious it was that the Pope picked this Quoatation. Also a great take on what the Pope was saying to both Moslems as to that speech. Good Grief just read her whole blog the last few days, tons of good stuff there on the issue and there are so many good links I can't give justice to link them all.
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