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Monday, September 25, 2006

A new Interesting GOP Site and Commentary on "rinos', conservatives and moderates

I am going to be adding this site to my blogroll called I like what I see.

It bills itself as:
If you’re a moderate or a small “l” libertarian Republican looking for a forum to share your views on everything from taxes to national security to our environment, you’ve come to the right place! gives mainstream Republicans like you a place to discuss current policies and politics in the nation's capital and across the country. Voice your opinions, meet like-minded people, and engage in thoughtful debate with Republicans committed to the ideal of real progress for our party, and real progress for our country.

I am not in the traditional use of a term a GOP moderate and despite at times having libertarian leanings on some things, I am not one even with a small "l".

Despite that I like the site because it is a source of good news and appears a place where thoughtful debate and comment can be had.

I really believe that the problem this Republican party has is from the "labeling" police of the extreme right that wishes to conduct purity test 24/7. The base of the Republican party is indeed a conservative one. However, it seems to me that all this rantings we hear is not from the "base" really. The constant complaining is from a largely unelected subset of the "base" that seems to think he is the guardian of all things "conservative".

I am anti abortion and only are for the three exceptions for purely pragmactic political reasons. I am wary of stem cell research, euthanasia, and anything in this technological age that makes human life a commodity or devalue its. I also wanted Terry Schivo to live. I am against restrictions on the right to bear arms and am a big supporter of the NRA. I am for less taxes and getting a grip on federal spending. I believe that the freedom of religion is paramount and that the actions of the San Francisco City Council and the Government of Canada are abhorrent and more frightning than any of the ravings against the so called religious right. I am against campaign finance reform as championed by John McCain and only ask that the donations be transparent. I am for a robust National defense and aggresive US foreign policy. I believe in free trade and commerce and against protectionism except when National Security dictates. I am for welfare reform but wish to have a safety net. I am against gay marriage and support a Const ban to prevent it from coming in the back door in states throught the "full faith and commerce clause". I think you get the point. I am a conservative. However, nowadays I feel perhaps that maybe I am a
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Rino(republican in name only) was a term that used to be employed to describe very liberal republicans. Now it is used to describe people it seems that don't agree with Michelle Malkin, Ann Coulter , Tom Tancredo and similar folk on every little issue. Why have I been called a Rino?

I have been called a rino because I believe in a comprehensive approach to immigration and treating even the illegals here with human dignity.

I have been labeled a rino because I believe that the handling of the DUBAI terminal deal was a huge disaster and threatened our vital relationships.

I have been called a rino because I don't cotton to talk that the Muslim faith should be banned in the US and that they are all the "enemy".

I have been labeled a rino because I am not so sure all this global warming stuff is ALL without exception poppycock.

I have been called a rino because I thought the "gang of 14" in the senate was a reasonable

I have been called a rino on national conservative forums because I plead with people to help us stop coastal erosion in Louisiana.

I have been called a rino because I have the gall to tell people that not all people think like we do and we can not just purge all moderate republicans from the party and to think in a pragmatic way.

Believe it or not to show you how far we have fallen, I am a rino because I support NAFTA and CAFTA for goodness sake. Reagan must be spinning in his grave.

The above are my sins that seem to be unforgiveable by the unelected talk show hosts, the big so called "conservative bloggers", and the rest. For the above stances I am a rino. Should I fight back and say you can't steal the term conservative or should I adopt this new name with a passion? I think I shall fight.

This of course is not about me. The issue is not that my feelings are hurt or that I am being labeled incorrectly. The issue is that it is happening to conservatives far more important than me.

Governor Mike Huckabee of Arkansas is labeled a rino by the very aggressive but very much factually challenged in this instance Club for Growth.

In fact while having the gall to call a conservative like Hugh Hewitt a Rino, Save the GOP says as to Huckabee George Allen, Sam Brownback, Bill Frist, Rudy Giuliani, Mike Huckabee, John McCain, and Mitt Romney that they are not "conservatives". Good grief , could Ronald Reagan pass their test? I mean ok we can debate at thios point if Giuliani and maybe Romney are more moderate than the average GOP voter but the others? Give me a break.

Senator Graham? Well just take a look at this FR thread. It pretty much voices the mindset of the "rinos" under my bed folk. He like other "rinos" often have stellar conservative credentials.

Of course the biggest Rino to some of course is President Bush. Sad.

I could go on and on. The main crime the above have is theydon't march in lockstep on every issue that they are demanded to do so on. In effect they don't heel and roll over like a dog everytime the blogsphere or the folks tell them to doWe saw that with Congressman Cannon this year and the horrible way he was treated. For that sin they must be purged.

Of course the moderate and liberal Republicans act silly at times. Their obsession this year with what they call the "religious" nuts in the party is pretty lamebrained. Conservative Catholics and Evangelicals are not the problem. The problem is this demand for 100 percent conformity and no debate on every issue the supposed "base" decrees obedience on. The Anchoress when commenting on Bush's problems with the supposed base said it best:
Some say that the GOP should consider “losing in ‘06 to win in ‘08.” Some conservatives say that they’re going to not vote - to sit out an election or vote for a third party candidate to “teach the GOP a lesson.”
The far-right gwwwwarks like a cracker-obsessed parrot: Bush has abandoned the base, he’s abandoned the base, he’s abandoned the base.
Ever stop to think maybe the president feels his base has abandoned him, that uncontent with 75%, they’ve simply moved beyond reason? Ever stop to think that while you’re calling the president every despicable name in the book and demanding his fealty or you’ll “teach him a lesson,” that perhaps there is a lesson you need to learn? That a good man, disinterested in merely laughing or crying for the camera for 8 years and looking to do a difficult job in the face of unprecedented hate, unprecedent speed of communication, unprecedented global instability, unprecedented backstabbing from within his own CIA, deserves some loyalty and the benefit of a doubt as he tries to bring you the 75% you so callously spit back at him as insufficient
......Here is a question, and I’ll be writing on it some more during the week, but start thinking about it, now: HOW DO YOU RECEIVE A GOOD?
How you receive a good has a lot to do with whether any more “good” comes your way. The Conservatives got a “good” in 2000 and 2004; they’re receiving it very badly, indeed. I think the throwing-under-the-bus-of-George-W-Bush by “the base” is one of the most shameful things I have ever witnessed in all my years of watching politics, from both sides of the political spectrum. How do you receive a good

It is a great read and should cause the "base" some serious soul searching if they bother to read anything outside their echo chamber. But I am rino because I haven't heeled on every SINGLE issue so what do I know. I used to laugh when I saw Dems screaming that Hillary Clinton was not a "liberal". I thought how stupid and out of touch the left wing was to think such a thing. I don't laugh anyore because it is happening over on our side now all the time.

So visit GOPPROGRESS.COM. I don't agree with everything that is posted but at least I suspect if you go and are rational and respectful you won't get banned and even might learn something. Isn't that what the joy of politics is all about.

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Anonymous TigerSmack said...

thanks for the link. good post.

i've gone from hardcore gop loyalist to independent (small "i"), due to my own views moderating and evolving, and also due to some bonehead behaviour on behalf of the party and its elected officials. i just found that when i said i was a republican, i was no longer proud to say it, so i stopped officially being one.

i've still never voted for a democrat, and probably won't. but i'd rather consider myself a free thinker that evaluates all candidates and makes a choice, rather than someone who votes for a candidate simply because they're my party's candidate.

8:52 PM  

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