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Saturday, September 23, 2006

The National Problem of Louisiana Coastal Erosion And Louisiana loses money because of Federal goof.

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There are some good articles about the national problem of Louisiana coastal erosion out today.

First a good piece out of the New York Times entitled Time to Move the Mississippi, Experts Say. That article talks about possible solutions. I found this intriguing as to where we would divert the River:One possible location is near Davant, about 45 miles southeast of New Orleans. Another is near Empire, further down the river, where the levees could be opened. In either case the river flow into wet and marshy areas to the west. Another way would have to be found — or constructed — for ships to reach the shipping lane, possibly something engineers call a slack-water channel.

That makes sense to me. If nothing is done that area will slowly go into the gulf anyway. The question is who on the Federal and State Level will lead and make the difficult choices.

LSU has produced a controversial report that is talked about in the Picayune article Study challenges thinking on wetlands. It makes the claim that contrary to popular thinking that hurricane help prevent Coastal erosion. I am not buying that yet.

On a typical Louisiana note we find because of a goof during the Clinton administration that Louisiana will lose out on a huge pile of money as to the new field that was found. I suspect that we will not see a dime. It appears that even the Chevron people had no idea of this goof. If under pressure they even try to alter that contract their Stockholders will sue so fast it will make your head spin.-DEPRESSING-

Louisiana folks and their leaders need to wake up quickly. We have a Presidential election coming up and Louisiana electorial votes could make the difference in the election. This is a bipartisan issue. Republicans and Democrats must take it upon themselves to make sure that they support the person in their respective parties primaries that will deliver on the Coastal erosion problem

As always to learn more about this problem, go to Conservative Cajun and check out his link section.

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