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Saturday, September 09, 2006


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Well it is about 4 and half hours till kickoff for the big Game of the night. No not Ohio/Texas but LSU/Arizona of course. I shall be experimenting with a new Buffalo Wing Recipe on the grill that I hope to unoffically unveil when I go tailgaiting at Death Valley in a few weeks.

Thoughts on the game-
I think LSU Fans are a tad overconfident as to this game. I caaught the editor of Tiger Rag on the radio on Wednesday and he was talking LSU winning 40-14. I think it will be a tad closer than that. However I must say that the Tigers looked great last week. I do not read too much into Arizona's peformance last week against BYU to which they had a hard fought win. I have seen to many similar first games performances by the Tigers over the years. A fact that LSU fans seems to have developed amnesia over. Still should be a good win for the Tigers.

Anywho to join in the fun and ranting during the game go to the offical Game thread at Tiger Droppings in the rant room.

If by chance you want to see things from the Zona Side go here

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