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Monday, September 18, 2006


Yeah I am mad, ,devastated, and sad about the game on Saturday. But it was mixed with other feeling of excitement, exhiliration, and just good times at watching a great game. LSU and Auburn played their hearts out and it was the best game on TV by far. It is one the most physical and as Auburn Coach Tuberville put it "violent" games I have seen in years. Nothing to be ashamed about LSU Tigers and it is again why the Auburn/LSU game is now shaping up as the the true rival game for the future. Now a few thoughts.

Stop the Meltdown LSU Fans-

Good grief, it seems that LSU fans are acting in typical fashion. That is seeing the the glass half empty 24/7. You would think Vandy just beat us 24 to 7 at the reaction I am seeing today. IMHO the two best teams in the nation played yesterday and it was a game that came down to the final play in the final seconds. Four yards and it would be a orgy of excitement in Tigerland. If you want to see something to cry about just wander over to the boards of Ole Miss and Miss State or try going to the Miami boards.


Yeah the calls were bad and so numerous that of course it leaves a bad taste in our mouth. That's the game and its time to move on. It could have very well changed the outcome of the game but it very well could have not. I keep hearing that if that pass interfernce call was maintained we would have scored. Really? I am not so sure but I guess that' s the point we never will know. Its all a big hypothetical. We shall file our complaints with the SEC and move on. IN the end every team knows it has to play extra hard in an opposing stadium to make up for things like that. We had mistakes on our side that could have compensated for that.

Quarterback Controversy-
There is no quarterback controversy so please all the Flynn supporters and groupies please put a sock in it. J Russell on the whole played a outstanding game Saturday. Yep his clock management skill and attempting to run out of bounds on that final drive wasn't a stellar choice. However, I was pretty impressed that he was largely accurate in throwing the ball in heavy traffic and no interceptions. He is the quarterback and is a awesome one. Quit tearing him down. If you feel the need to tear down Russell please watch a replay of the Notre Dame game and look atthat Quarterback that was so loved just two days ago. If it the mood continues RINSE, WASH,AND REPEAT.

Jimbo Fisher-
It seems that the Jimbo Fisher haters are out in full force. Please submit what replacement we shall get for him in the comment section if we want him to go. He is regarded as one of the top ten OC in the nation. Does he need to improve some things? Of course he does but some of the rants I have heard against him are over the top to say the least. Anyway it might be helpful to submit replacement names for him anyway. IF Coach Croom gets fired this year, Mississippi State would pick him up in a heartbeat as their new head coach.

Looking Ahead-
Lets get our frustration out on Tulame and Miss State the next two weeks. The Coaches and staff see what we need improvement on and we shall be ready for the biggie in three weeks. Time to invoke the 24 hour rule and move on. We are still in the hunt for a major BCS Bowl and my gosh if the stars align correctly who knows maybe even the National Championship. We have seen stranger things happen in College football land in the last few years.

SEC Football-
We saw an awesome game last Saturday and it reminds us why we SEC fans are so privileged. Fans of the big teams that the media love so much just have one or maybe two of those games a year. After that its a big snoozefest We have the excitement of a bowl game on the average 4 or 5 times a years. I would argue that on the whole those games are much more exciting than the bowl games. I wouldn't trade out position for USC or other ususal media loved suspects for anything.

Geaux Tigers-

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Anonymous TigerSmack said...

I think my favorite meltdown was some clown at tigerdroppings trying to organize a protest rally at LSU to demand that we immediately withdraw from the SEC.

Stuff like that is why I don't post there any more.

Well, that and the fact that they banned me so I can't. LOL!

10:45 AM  
Blogger Pondering American said...

LOL. YEah Tigerdroppings was in full meltdown mode to say theleast. It was just depressing to go over there.

1:23 PM  

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