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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

A Look At the Louisiana Secretary OF States Race

Between the Lines blog out of Shreveport takes a look at the very important Secretary of State race we have coming up in our fine state of Louisiana. I am a still undecided which of the Republicans I will support in this race. The people running are Democrat State Senator Francis Heitmeier out of the New Orleans Area. Republican State Senator Jay Dardenne out of Baton Rouge and former Louisiana Republican Chairman Mike Francis. Well there are others running but everyone knows that the job will go to one of the top three.

Let me say I think Between the Lines has a good post on this race as well as does the Shreveport times article he post that focuses on this race. THe Secretary of States offices is a very important office. Most people do that have a clue of what they do or how it is important we get someone competent in there. The Shreveport Times does not help matters when it says

The secretary of state's office is largely administrative but performs the important function of running all elections, including being the central registry of all voters; buying, maintaining and delivering voting machines; hiring polling commissioners; and counting votes. In addition, the office maintains all state and corporate records and runs museums. The office must also attest to the signature of the governor on every single official state document.

I love how that maintaining all corporate records thing is almost a after thought to the Shreveport Times. The Elections division is of course one of its most important duties but it is not its only one. I would love to actually hear a little bit about what each of the hopefuls plan to do to make these records as well as other State records more accessable to the citizens in this internet age. As someone that cares about the cultural heritage oif this State, I would like to hear about their plans on that front to via the Museums and other venues that are under the Secretary of States control.

Again, I do not know who I will support in this race as of yet but here are a few of mine thoughts. There seems to be a lot of Jay Dardenne bashing that is occuring out there already. Hey it politics so no big deal. But I must say some of what I am hearing is a tad unfair and has little to do with running the Secretary of States office. As to Mike Francis that seems to be the favorite of many of the "base" as it were, Color me a little under impressed with his management of the party while he was Chairman. To be fair there is the Gov Mike Foster factor that did everything in his power to neuter the power of the state party. Was Francis a part of this? If he was there is no way in hell he is getting my vote. However if he fought it and was a casuality of fighting it then my esteem goes up a great deal for him. Those are questions to which I will be posing to Mr Francis when he is my neck of the woods. Regardless the GOP must pick up this office next year.

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