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Saturday, September 16, 2006

A Look Around the Blogroll(Special Blogger plea at the Top)

Tonight I am catching up on what has been going on the last couple of days. I shall try to post some of the highlights of blogroll.

I want to put this up at the top. Done with Mirrors has a emergency request for a blogger in real need. Like a matter of Life and possible Death. Please check it out and consider donating. I hope if the Canadians refuse he crosses the border and ask for Aslyum here. Done with Mirrors also has a good post on all the POW/Geneva Convention controversy. This of Course is one several post that people have written from my blogroll trhat I shall point out. I will attempt to post my thoughts in a few days once I figure out where I stand on this. At this point, I am trying to inform myself and the blogs are helping me do that. I do know this. The media is playing this all wrong. There is a disagreement right now but I doubt it is one that is gigantic in reality. Everytime the Republicans disagree among themselves or more to the point have a political discussion among themselves the MSM tries portray it in over the top dramactic terms. There will be a fair solution that comes out of this process.

Cajun Tiger takes on the insufferable Rosie O'Donnell and her comments on Christians. I must say I am getting a tad tired of all the Christian bashing and in particular the bashing of Evangelicals and of the so called "religious right". I was tempted to do a post on this tonight but I shall attempt to do that on Sunday when I have time to gather my thoughts after the excitement of College football Saturday.

On a related note, the Anchoress has a good post on a person that has passed away that we all should take time to note and in fact acclaim. That person was Oriana Fallaci and she just died of Cancer. She was a true liberal in the very best sense of the word. That species of liberal is almost extinct nowadays besides the occasional sighting of a Christopher Hitchens type. A great read. In that post The Anchoress compares Fallaci to her so lacking modern day counterpart Rosie O'Donnell that is basically exposed to be a fraud. Tons of good links from bloggers that are giving their tributes.

On the home front Conservative Cajun brings us some very good news. He is about to be a dad and is announcing that he will be running for the Louisiana Legislature in the future.

The Pink Flamingo hits on a ton of topics the last few days. She also talks about the current debate about Prisioners of War as well as some problems dear Tom Tancredo had. She also has found something that the thankfully now deceased Khomeini said and wrote. All I got to say is YUCK. What in the hell was he basing that on?

The Caucus Cooler gives us a small update on the 08 happenings in Iowa. Mainly Pataki and some signs of the Kenya Superstar Sen Obama. It seems to me that the media is concentrating on the wrong New Yorker in this 08 race. Pataki again is showing some suprising strength. Is he more inspiring in person than he appears on TV?

Some more real interesting observations on the 08 Iowa Caucus here at Krusty Konservative.

Well there is much more on my blogroll so give it a visit. Right now a wave orffatigue hit me so hard I can't post the rest.

A special Golden Girls at Prayer(they are still in hot outfits) pic will be posted as the header for the big LSU post in the morning. I am going to Mass tomorrow morning and praying for victoryyyyyyyyy against those pretend Tigers in Alabama.

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