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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

A look around the Blogroll

I am going to be talking about the Holy father in a seperate post today or tonight. A post that Catholic, non-catholic, and non Christian I hope find interest in. But American Papist has some great Papal tidbits today I want to highlight. First we find that the Pope was conceived partly because of " a Single's ad in the paper". Also he has a few comments on the upcoming Time magazine article on the Pope.

If you really want a good read on the truth in Iraq go to this post at Done with Mirrors. She tell a story about aome other heros and important people in Iraq. Again a story that is not reported.

My Louisiana readers might find of interest. The Marshalfannin blog has a post on former Congressman and Governor Buddy Roemer. He doesn't have permalinks but it is the Sept 13th entry. Roemer was the first campaign I was ever involved in. He was a great Congressman and to say the least had mixed reviews as a Governor. But Buddy election was a milesstone in Louisiana politics. It was in the end the mortal blow to the old ways of doing things in Louisiana. For that I give Buddy a hand.

I saw this horrid tidbit on this FreeRepublic forum thread. Cindy Sheehan in her new book on page 29 says "I often contemplate the "baby Hitler scenario" when I think of George Bush. It's the time-machine fantasy. If I had a time-machine (it always looks like H.G. Wells's invention), and if I rode in it back to the time George Bush was a baby, could I kill him and save my son's life and the life of so many other people.? I always come to the same conclusion: No, I couldn't kill anyone, not even a monster" Good Grief

Michael Totten has another great post on Israel and Gaza. Again reporting you don't get in the MSM and sadly many blogs.

The Anchoress again pins down what this hysterical anti Bush drivel we hear from the left is all about.

ANywho this is just a taste of the blogroll please go visit.

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