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Monday, September 11, 2006

A Look around the Blogroll

The Anchoress has a fine post on last night's ABC mini series -The Path to 911. A treasure trove of links there that are good to check out as to the movie and the bigger question of 911. I suppose I think what makes some reaction to this movie so pitiful is it is missing the point. The point is not to demonize Clinton, Bush, or anyone else for that matter. It in a sense in the background is indicting all of us in the age of incredible access of information of being asleep at the switch. One must just look at the irony that USS Cole was bombed at the same time as the debate between Gore and Bush in 2000. A debate thats theme that night was foreign policy. We as a country decided not to examine that issue too closely and Gore, Bush, the media and the various media consultants just shifted the debate to what WE wanted to hear. Probally at that time the stock market and economic matters.

Called as Seen has a couple of good post up including this one on the much talked about Senate Intelligence Report on Iraq. I strongly urge you to read it since he has spent some time compling a lot of links that disproves some of this silliness we have been hearing from the talking heads. I intend to take some time out tonight on that post and educate myself on it. He has also has a nice summary of where we are out on this war on terror.

Speaking of the American tone and politics the Caucus Cooler brings us this report on Governor Huckabee and some telling comments he made to us Republicans also. The more I hear from Huckabee the more I like him. This is just a part: "According to Huckabee, voters aren't asking for perfection from their politicians, but they just want their problems solved. "It's almost as if you get people in the political realm breathing that rarefied air who forget that our job is not to make the other team lose, our job is to see to it that those folks sitting at the dinnertable tonight know that their problems are being addressed," Huckabee said. I have to admit I still like Senator Brownback but I am getting closer and closer to coming our full force for Gov Huckabee in 08. Great read.

Conservative Cajun reposts some of the op-eds that he has written in the Vermillion newspaper that were written on past anniversaries. He touches on slightly about withdrawals from Iraq. It is an interesting question what we should do in the future as to that issue after the Govt in Iraq can support itself. If Iran get the "bomb" then we are going to have to revaulate all this idea of massive withdrawal of US troops from Iraq. There were reasons why even when the US and the Soviets had weapons that could destroy the World 10 times over why we had a massive troop deployments in West Germany.

However good ole Lafayette Louisiana is anything but vanilla so we go from the almost Libertarian Views of Conservative Cajun to the wild left of Not Right About Anything who also published a op ed on a past anniversy in the Vermillion. Good Grief where to start. I must say that like all heresy we find in religious thought there is a certain kernal of truth in it. Yes, there was some misguided anger in the early few days but it was pretty much letting off steam. But as history has shown despite our short tempers we are quick to forgive. We went from signs and T - Shirt that said nuke Afghanistan to in few months rebuilding that country. It should be noted that Bush played his own role in trying to extinguish that rethoric as Not Right About anything calls the "vocal release of the racist and chickenhawk tripe that even the most ignorant ranter would normally keep to themselves, or speak only behind a hood." As to Const. Shredding pleaseeee.

Our Anglican in the know brings us this amusing story that some religious hierarchy of Episcopal Church USA want all this blogging religious debate to stop. I find this very amusing. I have always wondered why the typical man in the pews in the Episcopal Church couldnt seem to get themselves organized to stop some this nonsense that was occuring in that esteemed but seperated branch of Christanity. Where now as Drell so well puts it they have through blogs and oh some people are not pleased.

Last but by not least is Subways Canaries provactive post called Founding Fathers on Church, State & Religion - Not What You Think It Is!. I have read though it and enjoyed it but I think I shall engage it a bit more and see if Subway and I can come to more of a middle ground on this.

Subway Canaries has a Mother Blog and that is Pink Flamingo that is updated on a almost daily basis. She had a great post last night that I urge all to read here. She hits on what the insufferable Congressman Tom Tancredo is doing. Also you check her post and see the message that two Republican Parties in two States(including Tancredo's own) is sending to him via political dontations. Good grief why dont we hear about this on TV. Thank God fo rthe blogs. Also TT is down in South Carolina bashing Rep Sen Lindsey Graham and God knows what other shennigans.

One last thing. I think we shall on the mondays following College Football weekend check in at the TIGERSMACK SITE and see how
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Comeaux the Clairvoyant Corndog did on his predictions. A little background on this corndog thing. For some reason that is beyond reason opposing schools in the SEC starting to referring to us LSU fans as Corndogs. For some reason I think it is because they say we smell like them. Well, I must say in my average experience the typical LSU fan on Saturday smells a hell of alot more like Bourboun than Corn dogs but whatever. ANywho now there are ton of Farks relating to LSU and Corndogs so us LSU fans are starting to have some fun with it. Well in the Second Week Comeaux the Corn dog has done quite well , perhaps I need to take him to the track.

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Blogger SJ Reidhead said...

You think I like what I found on the Church State thing? I've been dealing with it for nearly two weeks. In many ways my findings have turned many of my ideas about the First Amendment completely upside down. I'm not quite sure what to make of it.

My challenge for the day:

Try finding the lastes polls for Tancredo v. Winter. I can't.

The Pink Flamingo

4:27 PM  
Blogger Ian McGibboney said...

By "Constitution shredding" I was referring to the PATRIOT Act, indefinite detentions for uncharged suspects, wiretapping, video surveillance on street corners, unchecked government access to library, financial and other personal records, no-fly lists that involved such terrorist groups as the Green Party, Ari Fleischer telling Americans to "watch what they say," etc. etc. If I'm wrong about any of this, then please explain specifically how beyond "pleaseeee."

Incidentally, my colun was written for 9/11/02 while Nick's was written a year later. I think that's significant, considering that mine was a lot less reactionary than his.

1:36 AM  

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