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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

A Look Around the Blogroll

Well I hope everyone had a splendid Labor Day Weekend. Mine was excellent.

The Pink Flamingo had some excellent post over the long weekend. She really hits hard on Republicans that are trying to distance themselves from the President in the upcoming 06 Races in Novemember. I agree. This is one reason why I am so anti Senator Chafee to be honest. She also hits the immigration issue pretty hard again in this post. She pegs it right on. THe hardliners in this debate have got to give a little. It is time for a tad of common sense to come into this debate.

The Hedgehog blog points out that those forced conversion to Islam by those two Fox journalist might have more consequences for them that has been let on.

Subway Canaries was again very busy this weekend. She has a excellent post on all this supposed Aztlan and La Reconquista nonsense. It is nonsense because it is largely a myth. There is no real plot. Surprise!!!!!! It is a good read.

From the Evil Center has a great post I urge you to read on why we ALL need New Orleans to succeed. I must say a good part of my weekend was having to defend New Orleans and Louisiana as a whole to my many out of State relatives. It again is a complicated mess. However, there has been progress. Not enough but progress regardless.

By the way Our Pope is going to Germany for a little homecoming. I intend to be glued to EWTN for all the events. American Papist gives us a preview of some of the events we can expect.

There is much more on the blogroll today. Please take a look.

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