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Thursday, September 21, 2006

An Interesting Poll on the Immigration Issue and My Take on the Media

I took some time to visit the always informative immigration blog called Migra Matters today. To say the least that blogger is far more to the left on politcs and immigration policy than I am. However, I encourage people to visit him because often he has links to information that Lou Dobbs and others fail to give us. Trust me you want go blind if you visit a left leaning site. I suspect most people can discern the spin and look at the raw data.

He has a very interesting poll in Colorado as to the immigration issue. I think he says it best when:An interesting poll was published Monday in the Rocky Mountain News, not particularly surprising, but none the less interesting. It reflected the usual mix of feelings about the contentious immigration issue. 61% of Coloradans support an earned citizenship approach for undocumented immigrants, allowing them to stay in the country and eventually become citizens if they meet certain requirements like paying taxes and learning English. Only 15% favored deportation. Yet half said that immigration hurts the state more than it helps and a majority of respondents said that immigration was one of their top concerns along with the economy. Nothing strange there. This poll generally reflects what similar polls show throughout the country. Respondents prefer a mix of "get tough" policies going forward and pragmatic compassion when it comes to the undocumented already living and working in the country.

This like he says is no surprise. The immigration issue is a tough issue that is not going to have a solution found in easy 30 second sound blurbs. The biggest failure of the people that wish to have true comprehensive immigration reform was to engage the religious community. Especially the evanglical community. Hopefully that mistake will not be repeated next year.

Migra Matters goes into a element of the poll that focuses on white males without a college education that generally support a hardline appraoch. I suspect that there is a similar result could be found among african americans in a similar situation in other states. I engage that demographic a little in his comment section. Again the concerns of this demographic are valid. That is one reason I support a guest worker program that can be reviewed on a quarterly basis to take in economic indicators.

The frustrating fact about this poll is that it shows that a comprehensive approach to the immigration issue is not anathema to the American people. They are not embolden to the approaches of the "delete the border crowd" nor are they in agreement with all facets of the Tancredo approach.

In the end they want security, they want the border controlled, they want this not to hurt American workers, and they want a fair and just way to handle the illegals already here.

One final thought as to this debate. I am still shocked at how the media has across the board fallen down on its job here. Lou Dobbs at times seems to be running the entire newsroom over at CNN. Fox news ,despite showing some signs of attempting to show both sides, has now decided that conservative people like Governor Huckabee, Sen Grahmn, Sen Brownback, Sen Martinez, Sen Brownback and their views on the issue do not exist. The other networks including the three had similar shortcomings. Why was this? Why did the liberal leaning press seem to take a big lack of interest in this debate ,or more precisely seemed not to give a platform to the other voices that wanted a compromise?

I think much of it come down to this obsession by many to see if Bush and the Republicans are falling apart. Look at the media this last week and how they framed the issue of the Republican Senators who disagree with President Bush on the interrogation issue. I have seen headlines such as "Republican Revolt" and my favorite "Republican Rebel alliance". Well, in reality President Bush is not Darth Vader who has just terminated the Imperial Senate and John McCain and associates are not a modern version of Princess Leia in the opening scene of Star Wars. What we have is the Government working and especially the Senate working. There is no crisis because this is how Government works. In the end there will be a solution because largely the President and the dissenting REPUBLICAN Senators are grown ups.

In the end the media seem to me interested in the intra party squabble in this affair than they did the actual important problem. That is a shame. OF course the democrats did not help matters much. The democrats in the House on the whole I believe have been AWOL on this issue. It seems that I am always hearing their voices on the war for instance but I can't recall hearing much of their voice on immigration. Perhaps it is because the MSNBC's of the world were more interested in having Republican vs Republican and conservative voters ranting against Bush on the TV.

Well , despite the poison that has been released in this debate it appears that Americans have not adopted the Tancredo/John Tanton Groups approach. Let us hope next year a comprehensive solution can be had.

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Blogger Duke1676 said...


thought you might find this interesting. The NRCC just gave up on Graf in AZ-08, they've pulled all their funding for ads in the race. I think the David Duke thing combined with Graf's poor poll numbers have made the race just not worth the effort for them.

Duke - Migra Matters

10:37 PM  

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