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Monday, September 11, 2006

Interesting Observations From a Blogger in the UK

I must say I find the comments and observations of the EU Referendum blog pretty fascinating. Basically EU is kinda of letting off some steam here but raises some questions about blogs and what makes them a force in the public square. He has some interesting comparisons between the UK and the US blog scene and why perhaps the US blog scene is more successful.

I think though before we pat ourselves too much on the back that we might need to make sure we don't fall into the current UK blog problem as he describes it. I think at times the blogshere sometimes might not crave getting MSM attention but my gosh we grave the approval and links of some of our fellow big bloggers. At times as I have stated before , I feel the blogs on the left and the right have a tendency to become a echo chamber. However to be fair there are numuerous blogs here that are constantly trying to fight that trend.

Besides that I wish him the best of luck in trying to form a UK version of the pajamas media.
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