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Thursday, September 21, 2006

An Insight on President Bush

Michael Medved was part of a group of radio host that got to spend some time with the President last week. Here is the very insightful piece that Medved wrote called The President, Face to Face: In Command, and Enjoying It. Also in attendance was Sean Hannity, Mike Gallagher, Laura Ingraham, and Neal Boortz. I only can hope that the President was able to take Sean Hannity aside for a few private moments and offered some kind advice.

I was struck by this part of the Medved piece especially. Medved says:

And one more thing: twice during his meandering conversation, the President deployed the word "nuclear." Both times, he pronounced it flawlessly --- as "new- clee-ar," not "nuke-cule-ar." Considering the huge press attention on the mis-pronounciation of this single word, nothing shocked me more about meeting the president than hearing him, in private conservation, avoid a mistake for which he's become celebrated in public.
If he can say "nu-clee-ar" in private, why does he still say, "nuke-cule-ar" when he speaks on camera? Could it be possible that there's some mischievous intent here-- that the President deliberately gives his own spin to the word just to provoke pompous pundits into paroxysms of supercilious rage? It seems like a far-fetched explanation, I'll admit, but after seeing the President's infectiously feisty mood this Friday, I wouldn't put it past him

This does not surprise me in the least. I have always suspected that Bush plays up this misconception of the left has that he is some what deficient in the brains department. The result being that the Dems have gotten beat in several elections(2000, 2002, 2004) by underestimating the man. Of course some very smart people tried to raise the alarm bells to their fellow democrats that they were decieving themselves. Donna Brazile, who among other things was Gore's campaign manager in 2000, had a plea that was in newsweek in 2004 that was disregarded by her fellow Democrats. She said:"It’s hard to travel across the country these days without seeing an old familiar bumper sticker: “Somewhere in Texas, a village is missing its idiot.” Perhaps the slogan rang true for many progressive voters in this highly partisan, highly charged and highly polarized electorate. But, if the bumper-sticker crowd believes it refers to George W. Bush, they are sorely mistaken.
Sen. John Kerry can win this election by understanding that he is running against a shrewd, clever and an extremely intelligent opponent who was trained in political combat by the late GOP strategist Lee Atwater

Let me be suggest that Kerry and the Democrats instead of listening to this wise advice in 2004, continued to live in the concoon world of believing their own rethoric against Bush was true.

Have the democrats learned their lesson in 2006? Well ,the Bush is stupid rethoric has died down but there have been signs of again underestimating the President. I suspect that the uptick in the President's poll numbers as well as the better numbers for Republicans as a whole have surprised some dems. . We shall see if this has a influence on how the democrats play this election cycle.
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