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Sunday, September 10, 2006

The Infamous "Arizona Jumping On the Tiger Eye" Pic

There has been a tad of controversy down here in Tigerland. Wild rumors started spreading that the Arizona players and Coaches were spitting and jumping on the Tiger Eye in the middle of Tiger Stadium during the Pre Game. Well of course to LSU fans this had big shades of similar actions that the Auburn Football team did that sent LSU fans into a fury and is now part of LSU/Auburn Football lore and is retold countless times. Well a person on my blogroll has a great pic and some of the facts. It should be noted that Arizona says they always go to the middle of the field and do this and that no disrespect was intended. Anywho here is the pic of the action at the Scene of the Crime lol . Click on Pic in body of post


Update for more Pics of the Game CajunTiger has a link to some that he took.
Update II- Tiger Smack wishes to avoid any confusion on what happen is this additional post.


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