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Monday, September 18, 2006

Immigration and Terrorism and Koodum

Well, I am slowing still coming out of the LSU/Auburn game haze. It is a slow process hopefully to be soon replaced by the all exciting LSU/FLorida haze in just a few weeks. We have Tulame and Miss State the next two weeks which are pretty much gimmies in my book. However I had to check in and see what the good ole ole Blogmeister at the Council of Conservative Citizens St Louis Branch was up too. It appears he has taken notice of how God's team was allowed to lose on Saturday. Don't worry Blogmeister what doesn't kill us makes stronger , and we ain't out of the hunt yet. He also references a curious poll that was conducted on a State by State basis on whether Reggie Bush and USC should be punished as to possible past violations and why Louisiana seems to be feeling good toward Reggie. True we still have a good bit of USC hatred down here but Reggie has repented and made good. Let me tell what Louisiana folks feel about good ole Reggie Bush now.
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The above was taken from the the lefty(but still fun to read) Not Right About Anything blog from Lafayette Louisiana. Give him a hollar.

Oh a more serious note the blogmeister tries to link immigration with the threats of terrorism. Pretty scary stuff indeed. But what pray tell does this have to do with immigration. ISn't that a issue of border security more than if Mexicans and other foreign nationals are going to be working here on work visas. I think we would all agree that Security at the border and knowing what and whom is coming across is a must. Therefore the Guest worker program and making people sign up or face deportation is critical. But wait we can't have a guest worker program no matter what because it is AMNESTY(the new F word it appears in politics). Because of the no compromise approach that I guess the Blogmeister supports, the security problems just get worse because nothing gets passed this session. Boy that makes me feel safer.
So at the end of the day we could have had a bill that would help those nightmare scenarios that the Blogmeister references from happening. However since Tom Tancredo thinks every Mexican illegal should be thrown out forever, there could be no compromise by his ilk and thus helps the nightmare scenario become more likely. Oh well. Thanks for nothing.

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Blogger SJ Reidhead said...

I am now aghast when anyone actually believes anything posted on World Nut..oopes Net Daily, the Daily Star of the conservative wacko blogsphere.

I think that is one of the anti-immigration bunch's fondest desires, to find a link between terror and an illegal, esp. from Mexico.

The Pink Flamingo

2:11 PM  

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