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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Hey lets have GOP lose in 06 so we can win big in 08-- Yeah Right

My reader Sally V from Bama sent me a very informative piece by the always wise Michael Medved. Conservative talk radio would so benifit if he could take the place of that insufferable Savage on some radio dials across the country. The piece is called Message to Death Wish Republicans: You Can't Win By Losing. This attacks the silly theory that by the Gop losing the midterms not only would it teach those so called rinos a lesson but we would come back bigger and better in 08. There is so much wisdom and truth there that I won't even try to cut and paste excerpts of it. A few thoughts.

Let me echo a big statement of his. We are the governing party that just happens to have a war going on under its watch, the lives of over 100,000 troops in Iraq and Afghanistan under our care, and literally have those two beforementioned Countries lives in the balance. The grown ups have to govern and if anyone things giving the Dems(in their current deranged state) two years of power to endanger that is worth it so as to get this imagined electorial gain in 08 needs to sit down and think what is really important.

Fianally we better be hold on to as many as seats as possible. O8 could be brutal depending on who is the respective parties nominee for the President. There are too manyunknowns as to 08 thus making all this talk silly. Anyway, if you are entertaining this "lose to win" theory please read the above piece.

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