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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Great Energy News and Why Louisiana Is Important Part 123

Updated- From the Evil Center Blog touches on this topic also. Let me say, I disagree with him a tad on his view of the Const amendment and on some issues of subsidizing residents. However he brings up some valid points that will not be too popular to the residents of the other 49 states but in fact shows a painful reality. Those issues could be compromised on in a effort to reach a solution.

Well this really isn't post 123 on why Louisiana is important but it is a subject that is often posted on my dear ole blog. PawPaw's House brings us news that a new field has been found in the Gulf that could increase our Nation Oil Reserves by 50 percent.

Great news for the Country and for Louisiana. Again, it shows the importance of Louisiana. You see those oil wells that you might pass by on your cruise boat on the way to your Mexican vacation are not run by robots. Real flesh and blood human beings are on those rigs. Those people , it might shock you, have families that must live in things called communities. Those oil wells are just a small part of the process. That oil must be transported, and there are literally hundreds of support industries that are on the coast that support those oil wells, etc, etc. You see we are a "working coast" in Louisiana. That means that the people who run these industries such as oil and Seafood that is vital for the nation must live on that coast. However everytime a Hurricane comes along I hear a litany of voices that say "Well Its there fault for living there why Should I pay for it!!!!!!" From Homeland Security funding and to Coastal erosion Louisiana is always it seems on the short end of the stick. Well, As I keep saying unless we do something soon this Nation is going to be in a hell of a fix and I have no doubt when the disasters start happening there will be much finger pointing. However , I doubt those finger pointers will be pointing those fingers at themselves for a portion of the blame.

One of the biggest threats this Country faces is the Coastal erosion problem in Louisiana. It threatens lives, a entire Culture, a unique ecosystem, a vital part of the US food industry, and not the least the US energy sector. We service much of the Nation's Energy needs and some of our problems as to Coastal erosion can be linked to that. The ground is literally disappearing under our feet. I strongly urge you to take some time to educate yourself on this issue. Conservative Cajun has the best links on his site to numerous resources about this major problem of Coastal erosion. Please pay a visit. After you do that, I feel you will be very alarmed at the problem. IF you are please call your Congressman and share your concerns.

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