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Friday, September 15, 2006

A great College Football Player Story and Clemson and the NCAA gets it right

I must say there have been the usual rash of horrible college football stories this week. We have a player at Ole Miss that couldn't read , a Punter in Colorodo that stabs someone in the leg, some altercation in South Carolina and of course to top it off we have the allegations on Reggie Bush and USC again. Well all things are not great of course but often there are a ton of good and inspiring stories of everday college atheletes that never make the headlines.

It is by chance that in The PINK FLAMINGO heritical statements about good ole college sports in my comment section we learn she is a Clemson Fan. Well let me say she will proud to know her University is being well represented by a young college player.
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Here is the happy update to that story. I will try to keep track of when the trust is set up and inform everyone
For the inspiring Story go here.

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Blogger SJ Reidhead said...

The Pink Flamingo only noted that said Pink Flamingo attended Clemson, not that the Pink Flamingo is a 'football' fan or has ever been known to root for said team. The only exception is when they play USC, and when trying to annoy southern bloggers!

The Pink Flamingo

6:26 PM  

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