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Saturday, September 30, 2006

Geaux Tigers Beat Mississippi State

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It is game day and GAWDDDDD it is a early kickoff. Freakin 11:30 am. Urggggh. I hate LSU day games. I still have not got over the gospel that LSU does not play as well during the day. But heck it is the truth. Anyway should be a good win today. I was considering driving down for the game at 6 am this morning but I am too tired after this week to makee the 4 hour drive and come back at like 2pm. So we shall have the College Game day(Updated All day and night) up above.

LSU links-
From the papers

LSU, State to rise early today

LSU Defense Makes Case as Nation's Best

Tigers' defense could feast on Miss. State

Landry sees similarities between '06 and '03

From the LSU Blogs

TigerSmack blog is interviewing our opponents who are fans and bloggers. Pretty cool. This week he interviews a Miss State one check it out. Oh be sure to see Comeaux the Clarivoyant Corndog game predictions.

MISS State-
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Be sure to check out the SIX Pack Forum.

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