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Thursday, September 21, 2006

The Funniest Damn College Football Sport's Board Period

I have to admit I feel sorry for poor ole Mississippi State. In fact it seems the entire State of Mississippi is having problems in the football department. Soon the State will all be rooting for little USM in Hattisburg.

However Mississippi State is having huge problems. Things have not recovered since 2004 , when Mississippi State embarassed the SEC by losing to MAINE in their opening game. I might do a post after this weekend on Miss State if they happen to lose this weekend. They might have a problem with the press if they try to fire their Coach or buy his contract out. I suspect the press will not be fair in their coverage. Anywho we shall be postive for Miss State and for Coach Croom this weekend. Geaux SEC.

However you might as well laugh instead of crying. The below is from a funny as heck Miss State's Sports Board on last weeks game(Miss State lost to Tulame).

DickStick MemberPosts: 88(9/17/06 1:12 pm)Reply
I stayed till the very end ringing my cowbell.
Does that make me a sheep?
STARKDAWG MemberPosts: 384(9/17/06 1:13 pm)Reply
nope.....just a dumbass
(This message was left blank)
DickStick MemberPosts: 89(9/17/06 1:14 pm)Reply
Re: Really?
Why is that?
BigMotherTucker MemberPosts: 229(9/17/06 1:14 pm)Reply
No... It makes you a glutten for punishment.
I feel for you.
DickStick MemberPosts: 90(9/17/06 1:15 pm)Reply
Re: No... It makes you a glutten for punishment.
Not anymore. I was just going out strong - Front and Center.
Coach34 PeachesPosts: 4056(9/17/06 1:19 pm)Reply
Re: No... It makes you a glutten for punishment.
you're an idiot...i hope you get tendonitis for being so stupid..
"we couldnt get six wins if we played everyone TWICE"- Maddawg"I would rather watch bully sh*t on the field than watch the offense.
"- cb6228"I thought about giving my tickets to underpriviledged kids but they've been through enough in their life and making them watch Miss State footbll seems cruel."- CroomOwesMeAnApology
WalkTheDawg MemberPosts: 667(9/17/06 1:20 pm)Reply
Re: No... It makes you a glutten for punishment.
Going out strong would have been walking down behind the bench after the final whistle and throwing you bell at the feet of Croom.
DickStick MemberPosts: 91(9/17/06 1:27 pm)Reply
Re: No... It makes you a glutten for punishment.
If I have to get tendonitis from something I guess ringing my bell would be the way I would want to do it.Better than some internet nerd jerkin off to porn sites.
memphisbluesagain MemberPosts: 469(9/17/06 1:33 pm)Reply
Re: No... It makes you a glutten for punishment.
so you never jerked off to internet porn sites?maybe you should give it a try.much more satisfying than Mississippi State football

This particular Mississippi State board is so funny there should be a warning label. Whenever I need a laugh I go and read the post.

So Congrats Bulldogs. You might Suck at football , but the SIX Pack Board rocks

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Blogger Ron said...

I don't see how Miss State can ever get a quality head coach agian? The best talent in Miss always goes out of state. Might as well turn it into another JC.

8:51 PM  
Blogger Pondering American said...

Thats true. IT seems with Miss State and if Ole Miss is about as bad as we think it is then they are all in trouble.

Its sad and actually I am not to happy about it in some ways. I like the fact that the SEC is a tough conference and I hate to see the SEC west look so bad

9:23 PM  

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