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Tuesday, September 19, 2006


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If I read one more thread about corrupt officials or see another Zarpuder Like chain of pictures of the controversal Pass Interference Call that was later call backed I will scream. The game is over finished and we have needless to say a tough schedule ahead. Also as to the official/ref in question , I highly suggest we tone it down a notch. If we dont some idiot 19 year old LSU fan will do something like this horrible episode and tar the whole University. Photobucket - Video and Image HostingIt is not fair but if want to see a sea change in public opinion toward LSU just have that happen. It was a tough game and yeah the playcalling sucked. But as I have posted it was one of the best struggles I saw between two equally matched teams in my life. It was a defense classic. PLus, even though I hate rooting for Auburn, its not very classy to take away from those boy's efforts on the field either.

I have to think alot of this is coming form the under 25 Crowd that doesn't have a clue how it was to be a LSU fan back in the 80's and 90's. Heck I still love Dinardo because in reality he showed us that yes the "magic could return" and was the first step in bringing the program back. That shows you how bad it got in those years. News Flash- We don't want to be one of those schools that demands peoples heads for losing two or three games a year.

Think Tulane - That is what is important. We have had time to vent , now it just gets to the point of being silly.

At least the administration of TigerDroppings is taking positive steps to stop this madness
The Tiger Rant is in dire need a Babe Thread... -
Babe Threads are a fixture on the O-T Lounge, but it is apparent that many of you have not moved on from this past weekend's heart-breaking loss to Auburn. So, in an attempt to help some of you get your minds off of the Auburn game and onto something else, and on the advice of one of members of our great admin staff, I have made the executive order to allow a Babe Thread on the Tiger Rant. If you are at work or around children, or just don't like seeing woman in bikinis or sexy outfits, please don't read beyond this post.

Thank god. Maybe TD will be bearable again.

On to the more pleasant topics-
A great funny and insightful article on the LSU/Auburn game here. He is going to to all the SEC stadiums this year. He really wants to meet up with fans and especially the tailgators. It would be great if LSU fans would help it out by contacting him. His Miss State article was a fun read too.

I posted a last week that LSU fans should go to the ESPN game day show at USC ,where it appears Mickey Mouse is now in charge of Game day Choices, and show some little LSU love on Camera. Well it appears one guy did. This is Big Jake.
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Tiger Smack Blog , a voice of sanity, has some good post here and here about the topics I talked about. Finally some sanity and ditto for his position on Games being able to be overturned. Pleaseeeee. Also for the adults in the room that can handle it, he has a link to the Zarpuder like shots of the controversal call in in the update part. Ne sure to put him on your blogroll.

Anyway that is the football post for the day. Geaux Tigers and beat Tulame. Now back to the reality of the World where people want to kill the Pope and people still bash our Poor President for no reason.

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