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Sunday, September 10, 2006

An Example of Why Immigration Hardliners Want All Discussion Stopped

On Friday night I was having dinner in Vicksburg Mississippi where I had a illuminating and typical conversation I am finding as to immigration. While I was waiting for a table I saddled up to the bar to watch a little tv. The man besides me was pretty much a typical white southern late 40's Mississippi man. As a rule they are often very vocal folks and don't mind telling you what they think. Well he was ranting on about the illegals and all the stuff that Pat Buchanan was talking about. His concerns were wages, jobs for Americans, assimiltion(he didnt use that word but it is what he was getting out), and security issues. Well after about 15 minutes of this I found a way to interject myself into the conversation.

Basically, I told him that in fact I shared many of his concerns. However I thought the House bill and the Tancredo approach had some problems. Those problems being related to the work force, the fact that we could be dividing countless families, making fatherless homes, and other related issues. I explained to him and I prefaced it that I was a Conservative and a Republican. I then asked him this. Would he be ok with the following:

(1)Real Security at the border that woiuld include a walls ,motion devices etc
(2) A guest worker program that all would have be register within a set period of time or face deportation
(3) Heavy fines for employers that go outside that program and deportation for those workers that go outside the program
(4) That the Worker program be monitered on a Quarterly basis to take in account economic indicators
(5) That all illegals that a history of serious criminal offenses be deported
(6) that all illegals pay a fine , learn English, keep their nose clean, try to keep steady employment and if they do that in 12 to 15 years they can apply to become Citizens

You know what his response was? Basically he said "that sounds fair"? You see he has valid concerns and in fact shares concerns that I have also. However the debate has been so one sided because of the Lou Dobbs of the world that he never it seems heard another conservative approach to this. In the end he said he would go for that. This is not the first time I had such a conversation with a person of his mindset.

This is one reason why the hardliners have to scream Anathema at any Republican that dares to talk about anything like the above. Americans, yes my Democrat readers, even good ole boys from Mississippi that are conservative and Republican are fair minded. They have valid concerns and want them addressed. There is no wonder that even the Congressmen Mike Pence's of the world are silienced with threats from the Tancredo minded folks. You see the compromise is not only the right appraoch but it is a winner.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Absolutely outstanding post, and perfectly timed for me. I will try your approach with my Uncle, who has recently succumbed to the Dobbs/Buchanan/Tancredo brainwashing.

How ironic, that the proposal you outlined for the gentleman in the bar is exactly what George W. Bush has proposed... yet the idiots & demagogues in his own party insist on lying and distorting the facts, screaming "amnesty!" and "aliens!" over the top of any reasonable debate.

11:43 PM  
Anonymous Sallyvee said...

P.S. That was me (SallyVee) above.

I'd like to add a big credit to my husband who said many months ago: Watch and see... the loudmouths from every corner will do their typical stupid demagoging, but eventually the argument will come back around to... drum roll... GWB's comprehensive plan, which was the perfect solution all along!

P.P.S. I was really rooting for Eli, and New York dang near pulled off a win over Peyton. That 10 second penalty was the last straw.

11:50 PM  

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