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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Election Primary Roundup

Well there were quite a few important primary races around the Country. I will hit the big three.

Rhode Island-
In a very hot Republican Primary Race in Rhode Island Sen Chafee pull it out against a tough challenger. Ok I have mixed feeling on this. Sen Chafee is not my favorite Republican to say the least. Especially after his very unhelpful actions in the Bush/kerry race. However he is the nominee and we have to support him. If we don't this seat could be Dem forever. Let us just pray that he reamin loyal and doesnt do a Jeffords on us.

Arizona Congressional Race District 8-
Randy Graf pulls this one out. Randy Graf is of course the guy that is the hardliner on immigration and associated with the Simcox minutemen. I have to admit this race was much closer than I anticipated. Ok, I am not thrilled with Graf to say the very least. However the Republicans must hold this seat. I wish him the best of luck and I shall try to keep my eye on this race. The Dems think they can pick this one up and I suspect a ton of money will be spent here.

Maryland Senate Race-
This is going to be a great race. Steele of course won the Republican primary tonight. This is a great moment in the GOP and hopefully Steele will send a message to African Americans to consider the GOP more on election day. THe Democrat side was quite interesting and I suspect tomorrow morning there could be some interesting developments. To put it lightly things got fouled up in some areas and some votes had to be made on provisional ballots that will not be counted till monday I understand. The last results I have is this:

Total Reporting:87%
Ben CARDIN 206141 47%
Kweisi MFUME 174454 38%
Josh RALES 24495 5%

Looking at the areas where the vote is out and percentage in I think Cardin has this in the bag myself. I don't think MFUME can make up the difference.

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