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Friday, September 29, 2006

Election Endorsements

Secretary Of State-
It is sad that the political ads for this campaign rarely focused on what the Secreatry of State's Office actually does in the whole scheme of things. This office is in charge of corporations, LLC'S and other rules and regulations regarding such entities. It is also charged with handling elections as well as having number of museums under its control. In essence it is important you get someone in charge of this that knows what they are doing.

I am voting for Sen Jay Dardenne for Secretary of State. This is where his political experience and background is a plus. I feel he knows what works there and what doesn't. His experience of interceding on behalf of the people of his district when they had problems with this office should be a plus. Sen Dardenne in my opinion is the most competent man for the job.

Const Amendments-(Vote YES on 1-4)
As usual we have a ton of Const. amendments on the ballot. I think some of these amendments were poorly written. However I wish to just focus on the amendments that deal with coastal erosion issues. I strongly urge everyone to vote YES for amendment 1. Amendment 2 is a tough choice. This shifts money from the tobacco lawsuit into coastal erosion. That money is supose to be going into fund to help citizens to smoking related ailments. I am voting YES on Amendment 2 because it acts in tandem with Amendment 1 and only 20 percent of that fund can be used for such purposes. The money is needed. The other two amendments(3 and 4) I am voting yes on as well. Four is a tad controversial but it will be needed when Louisiana has to make tough choices as to Diversion projects. There are many other amendments on the ballot. I might take a look at them in a seperate post.

Secretary Of Insurance-
Again another race that seemed not to talk about the issues that much. I frankly don't like any of the guys running that much. Howwever one still has to amke a choice. I am supporting Donelon and praying tht is the best choice.

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Anonymous KT said...

As Catholics, it is also our responsibility to vote based on reflection of how the constituents stand on issues regarded by the Catholic church to be of most importance.

11:24 AM  
Blogger Pondering American said...

Well I do take that in consideration. That being said there are not many Catholic issues as at least to these two races

3:03 PM  

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