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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Conservatives Versus Republicans - A Needless and Silly Battle

I wanted to spend some time on a very good post that the Pink Flamingo put up yesterday called Rush Admits He Will Go GOP over Conservativism! Maybe He Gets It.

I think she makes some important points and I want to hit some of them and add my own. First, let me say that I differ a bit with the title of her post. Some of this hot air that I hear from some has precious little to do with "conservativism" Second let me say I am a Conservative. I believe the GOP is a conservative party. Also I want more conservatives elected to the Republican Party. I also belive that despite the rantings of some unhinged radio folks and bloggers it is still a conservative party. Does that mean I think all things are fine and dandy with the Republican Party. OF course not. But unlike others I have no intention of having a temper tantrum because some things are not being run how I would like to to them to be and abandon the GOP to "teach them" a lesson.

The Pink Flamingo hits a simple truth when she commented on Rush's comments about the need for GOP Victory "The whole thing is simple - if you want to keep reasonable conservative government, you gotta win. You lose and the liberals take hold. I have been so concerned about Rush being assimiliated by the Hannity/Tancredo/Buchanan brand of ultra-hate RINO conservativism, but I think we have dodged a bullet"

You know I don't know what is hard to grasp about the above point. Also is it me but is this ranting really just coming from same ole complaining crowd that threatens to stay home every two years. Basic Civic lesson here. If you don't like what the party is doing get involved. Get elected to Local and State Party offices for instance. It is not rocket science and in fact most people could get elected if they just got their friends to the polls to vote for them. Second the last time I looked we have this thing called PRIMARIES. Yes Primaries the last time I looked still exist. If you don't like the Republican you got in office well by all means try to vote the bastard out. But for all that is holy, if you are on the losing side just don't sit home and pout. The GOP guy in the end will be a lot more closer in your views than the Dems. Also lets be honest here. If you support a guy in the primaries and he doesnt win, is the problem the GOP or is it that the voting public doesnt feel the same as you? It doesn't mean you are wrong but you know political change and engaging the public is a long term deal. I have learned that reality and so have countless others.

A word on third parties. I know that certain folks have this romantic idea of third parties. Guess what they just come back and kick us in the butt. I wish Americans were more politically engaged than they are. I am willing to bet come next December 9 out of 10 Americans will not be able to tell you who is running in the Gop and Dem primaries for President. That is a reality. Lastly this isnt Europe and the Congress is not a Parliament. Thus making third parties even less likely. Americans might say "Gosh I wish we had a third party that dealt with what was important" but in reality each American has definate ideas of what is important to him and assumes everyone thinks the same. Once you get beyond single issue x, that is often what third parties are based on, then things start falling apart. If you want to vote for the kooky Const. Party well go ahead. Just be prepared for your worst nightmares coming true after the fall when the Dems take over. If you notice the Democrats are pretty unified this year. Despite the Lamont/Liberman Fiasco, I am not sensing that the "progressive" wing of the Democrat Party is going all Ralph Nader this year or in 08. They know how it is to be out of power and don't want that anymore. It is hard to believe that certain conservatives have gotten amnesia as to how that felt.

If you are thinking of staying home please take a look at the other side and the people who might take control. We are War and I have extreme discomfort at the thought of people like Bennie Thompson of Mississippi being Chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee.

A final word. I am not to happy with some folks that heading up our ticket in certain areas. For instance it appears that Randy Graf in Arizona will get the nod in that House primary. The thought of that makes me sick. But despite that you will not see me advocating for the Democrat in the general election. Further, despite my EXTREME dislike of Congressman Tom Tancredo you will not see this blog advocating for his Democrat opponent in the Fall. The stakes are just too high right now. In a sense I am trying to practice what I am preaching here. I have learned that there people that have different views than me in the GOP on certain issues. I have been the biggest critic of certain elements of the GOP on issues like the Dubai terminall deal, immigration , etc. However that is life. Hopefully, I will be a part of something that changes that in the future. But in the end I rather be with people that I agree with 80 percent of time than help a party gain control that I am in disagreement with 80 percent of the time. In the end it is that simple.

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Blogger SJ Reidhead said...

Excellent post. Thanks for the kudos.

I'm getting so tired of the out of control conservative my way or the highway. It's starting to get old.

11:10 PM  

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