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Friday, September 22, 2006

Compromise on Interrogation

I am hearing some compromise has been reached regarding the interrogation issue. I am hearing that it is a decent one. Regardless it is time for the bashing of McCain, Snowe, Grahmn, and Warner to stop. It has been quite over the top and I say that as someone that was leaning toward the President's view. Pink Flamingo has a great post on this including some comments that Senator Grahmn from South Carolina made. THose Senators and especially McCain and Grahmn are great example of Republican US Senators. The conservative press should not bash them fore their stance. There is nothing wrong about slowing things down and asking the tough questions. In fact that is what the Senate is suppose to do.

I see this as a win for the system and win for Republican leadership. I am sure the media has some spin on this that doesnt fit the reality.

This episode shows me that the media is a big part of the problem in this process and not so much the political parties. Even some of our darlings such as Ann Coulter goes way over the top as the Flamingo shows. One reason I had a hard time coming to a decison on this was that the media frankly was not too helpful in informing me. It seemed to be all about the supposed "showdown" and precious little about substance.

Lets us just pray we made the right one

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