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Friday, September 22, 2006

The Chickens Coming Home to Roost?

Before I retire for the night, I wish to highlight a post the Anchoress has written that I believe hits just the right tone. The Anchoress brings up the the uncomfortable point that what Chavez was ranting about yesterday might have its source right here at home.

Some leading democrats spoke out and rightfully so. It was so refreshing because I hate to say I did not expect it. That shows us perhaps what was decent and right thing to do not even 20 years ago is now a rarity.

Of course as the Anchoress said before, if I recall correctly, we are in danger in becoming what we hate(paraphrasing). We on the right seem to be becoming affected slightly with this disease also. Case in point this Ann Coulter Column that the Pink Flamingo pointed out in a post I linked earlier. Good Ole Ann said:McCain, along with Sen. Lindsey Graham and Sen. John Warner -- or, as the Times now calls him, the "courtly Virginian" ("fag-hag by proxy to Elizabeth Taylor" being beneath his dignity these days) -- want terrorists treated like Americans accused of crimes, with full access to classified information against them and a list of the undercover agents involved in their capture. Liberals' interest in protecting classified information started and ended with Valerie Plame.

Ouch- was that really necessary? How in heavens name does that advance reasoned debate and uphold the dignity of the US Senate. The problem is that is nothing compared to the slams on the character of these men we have seen the past few days on the blogs , in the conservative internet "press", and in the forums. So have no doubt that this poison that started and is in full blossom on the left can also infect us. Right now we are just testing it out on our own.

This over heated rethoric must stop. We must stop pretending that we live in a world where every utterance of Cindy Sheehan and Air America and other talking heads has equal weight, validity and substance as any other.

I do have hope though. I am praying that Hillary Clinton does not receive the Democrat nomination for 08. My reasons having very little to do with her policy. I think we need a clear break and fresh faces. On the Republican side this will be the first Presidental election in 25 years that doesn't have a Bush or Dole on the ticket. Perhaps it would be wise for the Democrats to break with the past too. I have one hope if this is the outcome . That because of the emotions of the Clinton years and the Bush years on all sides that perhaps taking the symbols that push our relative buttons might calm us all down some. It might be naive hope and I think deep down I don't really believe it. (Remember Jesus land on all those famous faux Electoral maps) But right now I am willing to try anything. Especially since we have a enemy that wants to kill us in very vast numbers.

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