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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

A Brief Look Around the Blogroll

The Pink Flamingo has a Islamic Rage meter that is just so funny.

Called as Seen has some more wise words on the who interrogation business. I have to admit I am coming more over to Bush sides on this but I am looking at what the compromise solution looks like. He actually brings up a point that I have thought about. How this could save lives and I am not talking only American ones here.

Caucus Cooler has a good post on McCain's position on the current interrogation debate and how it is affecting him among the Party faithful. Very good reasoned post.

The Hedgehog blog points out something that I can't believe that has not be pointed out by any press. That is that the Iranian's President UN speech ended with an appeal for the quick arrival of the Hidden or Twelfth Imam. Chavez' s speech was of course outrageous, but this is far more significant. See the text at the link

The Anchoress reminds us of the important of a Catholic Sacrament.

Paw Paws House from Louisiana has some good thought on the Pope's statement.

Mostly Cajun brings us some news about hows the Poles have erected a statue of Ronald Reagan in Warsaw. Just wonderful. God bless the Poles.

This is just a sample of what is on my blogroll. Give it a look.

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