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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Blogroll Roundup

Called As Seen talks about and links to the response of Secretary Rice Clinton little manufactured temper tantrum.
Update- The Anchoress has more input and links also.

American Papist brings us some major news that the media seems to be clueless on as to it importance. That is the news that the Vatican has excommunicated Archbishop Milingo. About freakin time I say. American Papist points out there is a big risk here but I really don't see any other way. Be sure to check out this link as to the worse case scenaro.

The Pink Flamingo has some good stuff on the whole McCain V Romney match up. Check out what the McCain camp is doing in Utah and the Romney camp in Arizona. Its the unknown Mormon factor and if they will block vote for Romney out West. It appears that might not be the case

Keeping on the 08 theme the Caucus Cooler tells us the breaking news of a very significant hire in Iowa for the Pataki camp. Again he is showing more early strength there

My Mike Huckabee blogger brings us a couple of interesting tidbits. He will be in Washington State speaking. Also he links to a person that is thinking like I am that Huckabee will be a major contender in Iowa. IF Brownback doesnt get in this race and put on top of that the possibility of Allen taking a pass then Huckabee has to be considered a major person in the field. I am at a loss why the media is ignoring him at this point.

A little LSU/Saint News

LSUnpredictable has some thoughts on last night great win. YEs Iheard those fans shouting LSU fans shouting LSU LSU LSU too after the game lol. We are everywhere. I thought it was very David Toms like when all those LSU fans were chanting at the Gold Tournament in New Orleans. I loved it.

TigerSmack has some LSU/Tulane post game musings. It a riot
Be sure to check out the Jay Dardenne little goof at the game who by the way running for Secretary of State.
One of my favorites musings he has up:
15. If you are a small, wirey, gay looking Tulane fan, walking with only one other small, wirey, gay looking Tulane fan, and a group of 20 or so big, drunk LSU fans, all shirtless and built like Marines, start yelling “Tiger Bait!” at you, your best bet is to smile, wave, and keep walking. They don’t mean anything by it, they’re just having fun with you. Flipping them off and yelling “War Eagle!”? Bad plan. Really, really bad plan. We don’t know how you talked your way out of that one, but you should probably consider spending some more of Dad’s money on law school, because that shit was downright impressive. For the record, had they Rodney King’ed your ass, we would’ve snapped pictures rather than trying to break it up, because you asked for it. Just sayin’.

Not Right about Anything has some thoughts on the game. He also take the view that the Spike Lee moment during the game was GREAT. My response is WTF.

One other sports related note. The Hedgehog blog has a great post entitled Keith Oblermann was pretty good when he was doing sports. I so agree. Click and see the latest rant.

Also the always excellent Done with Mirrors tells it like it is in the post Olbermann: Becoming That Which He's Supposedly Been Attacking All This Time.

GopProgress has a update on a issue I talked about yesterday. That is the McCain/Romney/Mormon flareup or lack of in South Carolina.

The is much more on the blogroll. Check it out

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Blogger Ian McGibboney said...

More LSU bullying. Hilarious. Let's hear it for the most obnoxious fans in the state, if not the nation.

Again, I don't understand what offends you so much about Spike Lee's appearance on MNF yesterday, other than that he hasn't praised Bush for his spectacular effort following Hurricane Katrina.

7:11 PM  
Blogger Pondering American said...

I think my problem was not so much with Spike Lee but the ESPN announcer that was going real out of his way to get Spike Lee to say something controversal. We are luckly that Spike Lee didnt say he though the Bush administration blew up the levees.

11:31 AM  

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