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Monday, September 25, 2006

A Blogroll Roundup and my Comments

Called as Seen has some good post up as usual. He has a few words over that leaked intelligence report we have all been hearing about today. He also has a link to Mel Gibson's latest comment on Iraq and Bush. I will always like Mel Gibson and unlike many I often don't care if movie stars politics are different than mine. There are a few noteable exceptions lol. I do find Mel Gibson's view interesting though. I often wonder if this is because of the schismatic Catholic faith he practices. I have heard similar thoughts from these " extreme traditionalists" before and I have yet to figure out why.

The Pink Flamingo has a post people should take a good look at. The meat of this post deals with a law that that congress just passed relating to "possible strip searches of kids" at school and other violations of privacy by non law enforcement officials. In case your wondering the bill might make it far more easier as well as expand invasions of privacy. The bill in question is HB HR 5295 and it appears that both the right and the left are raising alarm bells. I am going to do some research as to this issue myself. It is true that children in a school setting have less reasonable expectations of privacy than the rest of us. However this seems absurd if true.

The Subway Canaries blog has a great post giving some background to the anti immigration movement in Artizona. Also she hits on Graf's problem with the infamous David Duke endorsement.

Let me give my some my thoughts here. This David Duke issue should be handled carefully. I have had to endure 4 Louisiana election when that man was running in either local or statewide races. I have had the opportunity to speak to him on a number of occasions. The man is a publicity hound and he is getting exactly what he wants right now. I am sure that Graf didn't go after this endorsement and is not pleased with it. The David Duke's of the world of course favor a hardline extremist approach on immigration. However all hardliners are not "David Duke". For instance I oppose affirmative action and so do the David Duke's of the world. That doesn't mean though I am agree with the real philosophy of David Duke however.

We conservatives must be careful. Remember the KKK endorsed Ronald Reagan. Does that mean that Reagan was allied with the KKK? Of course not. I am not thrilled with the publicity Duke is getting right now at all. He is one of the few people when I met him I sensed evil. This is getting him back into the game and it should be avoided at all cost.

That being said the media is missing the real story here. As Subway Canaries points out the real issue is PAN and this other associations. . Hard questions relating to that are legitimate and should be asked.

If you concerned about good Louisiana Government and protecting the taxpayer, please go see this post WE SAW THAT has got up. This is more on reservoir "scam".

The Hedgehog Blog has a link up showcasing some of the things going on in the always rough and tumble South Carolina Republican primary. If you are interested in McCain, Romney, or the Mormon issue you will want to pay a visit. I still think the Mormon issue will not be a huge factor among evanglicals or other Christians in this election. There will be a moment when it is has its media moment , but after that I suspect it will fade
-UPDATE- Called As Seen has some thoughts what Romney should do.

In other McCain news, the Caucus Cooler tells of a very significant hire in Iowa.

We in Louisiana and especially New Orleans of course are looking forward to tonight. The Saints play the Falcons in the Superdome. I am glad to see this special place come back to life. Not Right About Anything has some great Saints highlights from the past in honor of the occasion. YES there were some!!!!!

Another Louisiana Blogger , Paw Paws House talks about a real interesting aspect of that Clinton interview. I agree with Paw Paw that would have been an interesting question. Also I concur I have never heard of a former President admitting we do that either.

More Iowa Republican Caucus news from the Krusty Konservative blog. Check it out. It' s not good news for Hillary Clinton.

One other bit of election news. Strata Sphere has a link to a great TV ad by our hopeful in Maryland. Check it out. This could be a needed pickup.

Much more on the blogroll but it is time for lunch. Check it all out.

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