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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Blogger Problems and Comments

Well it seems that blogger is being quite the sickly patient again today. I have tried to leave comments at From the Evil Center and We Saw That(all on my blogroll) and I get some "cannot service your request at this time" message. I don't know if people are having similar problems on my blog but please try again because I love feedback. To top it off I am having problems opening my yahoo email account which I havent Checked since before I went on Vacation last week!!!!! So if you are sending emails you are not being ignored on purpose. I have to leave tonight for Hattisburg Mississippi but shall be back tomorrow tonight. So please send a email if you can't leave a comment in the interim. I have a couple of other Posts though I hope to get out before I leave so stayed tuned.

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Anonymous wesawthat... said...

we think the comments snafu has something to do with the new beta.blogger versus the old style blogger.

we switched over to the beta.bloggger on friday and are very pleased with it so far.

it publishes pretty much instantly and uploads fotos quicker too. although this could all change as more and more bloggers switch over.

one thing is that people on the new beta.blogger cant post comments on the old style and that must be vice versa too. to post this we have to sign out of our account and post as "other" then enter our display name and url - hence no display picture like usual. hope this makes sense.

3:29 PM  
Blogger Pondering American said...

Ah Thanks just got back and will try that

12:24 PM  

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