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Sunday, September 10, 2006

Big Earthquake in the Gulf and the Looney Left are Blaming Bush and Others

Update- Check out the Comment section for more good news(sarc). We Saw That confirmed that other earthquake I was talking about that happened last year. Maxedoutmamma has some other facts on the New Madrid fault(remember when that Scientist made that prediction in the 80's and we were all buying Earthquake Insurance) and some other good info. Pink Flamingo is trying to calm me down a little on living in the Louisiana Earthquake Zone. Still I must admit I have never heard of this seismic activity being so strong down there.

I received word from a reader of a pretty big Earthquake in the Gulf of Mexico that was felt in Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi, and Florida. My reader from Alabama told me that her friend's house was swaying back and forth for a total of four minutes. Here is some of the latest info .

Let me say these quakes are starting to worry me a bit. This area is not know for this type of activity and as the article states this past February we had another quake in that area. Also I swear last year we had a small quake just off Louisiana.

Anywho, MaxedoutMamma has a great post on how some people at a prominent Liberal site are already blaming this on Bush , Chevron and other sinister forces. Too rich.

Motre Good info on the quake here.

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Anonymous wesawthat... said...

there was a 3.0 earthquake in louisiana on 19 dec 2005 and a 5.2 earthquake off the coast of louisiana in 09 february 2006.

9:56 PM  
Blogger MaxedOutMama said...

It makes me wonder about the Mississippi fault. Supposedly the probability of at least a 6.0 is 90% in the next 50 years. USGS fact sheet.

I read recently that they were still finding fault zones. I bet that we only know about those which have been active during the last century or so, which is a fraction of a moment in geo-time. From the link above:
"The 400 terrified residents in the town of New Madrid (Missouri) were abruptly awakened by violent shaking and a tremendous roar. It was December 16, 1811, and a powerful earthquake had just struck. This was the first of three magnitude-8 earthquakes and thousands of aftershocks to rock the region that winter.

Severe shaking accompanied the powerful New Madrid earthquakes that struck during the winter of 1811-1812. By winter's end, few houses within 250 miles of the Mississippi River town of New Madrid (Missouri) remained undamaged.

Survivors reported that the earthquakes caused cracks to open in the earth's surface, the ground to roll in visible waves, and large areas of land to sink or rise. The crew of the New Orleans (the first steamboat on the Mississippi, which was on her maiden voyage) reported mooring to an island only to awake in the morning and find that the island had disappeared below the waters of the Mississippi River. Damage was reported as far away as Charleston, South Carolina, and Washington, D.C."

10:10 PM  
Blogger MaxedOutMama said...

And here's a recent article on the New Madrid fault. According to this one, the new explanation is that this fault is part of ancient rifts within the NA tectonic plate. My understanding is that the floor of the Gulf is part of the plate, but was depressed by a massive meteor. If that's so, it's more likely than not that there are rifts down there we know nothing about. The article says that recent studies have proved that the New Madrid fault is active, even though it behaves oddly compared to other faults.

10:16 PM  
Blogger SJ Reidhead said...

Dear Pondering American;

By now you should know that everything that goes wrong in the world...make that the fault of GWB. Not only is he content to destroy New Orleans, but now he must shake, rattle, and roll the Gulf of Mexico. Dear Lord have mercy on us all - what's next? Could it be...the GOP retaining control of both the House and Senate...oh the pain...oh the trauma...oh the heartache...oh the abject...You fill in the blank.

Seriously, LA is not the most dangerous earthquake zone in the US - New Madrid, Charleston (They will blame that one on Lindsey and give GWB a break) and Manhattan. Guess that will be Giuliani's fault!

The Pink Flamingo

11:48 PM  

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