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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Wild Unresponsible Hysteria on the Right

I mentioned this link by the Anchoress on my blogroll roundup. It is a good read showing the irresponsible behavior on the left and the right as to today's and yesterdays events.

I bring this up because I just had to endure this nastiness on this thread where I post at the Free Republic. Please read it, it is quite over the top. I go by Catholicfreeper on that thread and come in quite late to the game. Special ID cards for Muslims? Sick. Let me tell the day I see stuff like that happening I am going to the local Wal-Mart to stock up on my guns and ammuntion. They will be after me next I suspect.

Anyway the Anchoress again is a great read. I have one disagreement with her. Michelle Malkin that she references is not some poor blogger hoping to find some moderate Arab voice to speak up. Malkin's whole tenor on both her blogs is to feed the rabid dogs on the right. I saw this clearly as to Muslims since the Dubai Port deal and it has just got worse. On immigration she advocates and associates with people that are racists. Again appealing to our worst natures that can be exploited by such a complicated and emotional subject as immigration.

Americans should take the following from today. First to realize that we are under attack and at war. Hopefully this will wake some people up in Connecticut as to this Lamont Character that is running for Seneate.

Second, we must stop this stupid bickering from both the left and right. I have been hearing the President of the USA slammed by both sides. I have heard the wildest Conspiracy theories from the Kos Crowd and the Minuteman Crowd about the Patriot act, Jewish influences, and what those camps and new detention centers on the border Really are for. Enough of this. We are at War against Radical Islam not some secret one world order plot and not former President Fox of Mexico.

Third, it is radical Islam we are at war against not all Islam. Remember that Bin Laden and associates wish to make this a war against all muslims. Please we don't need to fall for his plans. We must continue to fight for Iraq and Afghanistan. We must continue to highlight the success stories of the UAE, Bahrain. Oman and other same Moslem nations. We must continue to support places like Algeria etc.


Anonymous Sallyvee said...

You are so right. The Islamonuts want us to become the monsters they say we are!

Hey, we're even getting help from countries that have a looooong way to go to reach the 21st century -- like Pakistan (they helped with intel on the London plot) and Saudi Arabia -- which is helping us under the radar with the Iranian/Hizbo problem. The road to real and lasting change in the MEast is a very long one that will have many setbacks. But as long as we can take 3 steps foward for every 2 steps backward, we're still ahead and gaining.

This is not a simple cut & dried thing. I am tired of the immature, 30-second soundbite, cracker mentality, ugly American syndrome. This is a new world, and one that requires a lot of patience, thinking, compromise, self-restraint, etc. -- traits which are not in long supply in the typical American character. Also we as a nation are not well schooled in world history or geography. It's about time people start learning about the world beyond our 50 states, and the world that existed before America was founded. It helps a lot in figuring out what is really happening, and in terms of interpreting certain statements and events. As far as I'm concerned, it's my job in this war to become informed -- and that doesn't just mean picking up bumper sticker phrases & funny nicknames from Limbaugh, Malkin, and Coulter. That stuff is getting old, real fast. It's time to get serious and start using our brains, not our base instincts and hormonal impulses.

10:20 PM  

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