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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Why Declaration Alliance and Alan Keyes Needed the Minutemen

A interesting thing has surfaced:

That is the 2003 Declaration Alliance Annual Report that was filed with the Illinois Attorney General
The pfd file can be found here

This is from page 27 of the above-
As indicated in the accompanying financial statements, for the year ended December 31, 2003 Declaration Alliance has had recurring decreases in net assets and, as of December 31, 2003, Declaration Alliances’ current liabilities exceeded its current assets (working capital deficit) by $157,322 and its total liabilities exceeded its total assets (net deficit) by $157,122. These factors raise substantial doubt about the organization’s ability to continue as a going concern.

Management of Declaration Alliance is developing a plan to reduce its liabilities through seeking additional sources of revenues and reduction of expenses

Well, what was that plan and what were these additional sources of revenue? First some interesting facts. This is looking at the 2003 figures. However if you look at the report you will see that this report was compiled and finished in December 2004. The above statements are from the auditor Robert D. Ben-Kori. He of course is also the accountant for some of the William Greene interest. Where did the money go? Basically it appears as to these figures Declaration Alliance was in serious trouble. It needed money in the worst way.

Now I have taken a look at the 990 for Declaration Alliance for 2004. This can be looked at by registering for free at Now at the end of this physical year they ran a deficit of $213,258. After they carried over the deficit from the previous year they were in the red $370,380.

The are some more things that have come to my attention that connect a certain person at American Caging and others as to a time line. I am researching that now. Also there is some information I have received that I am awaiting verification. IF its true it will be explosive. I have received other indications that things are starting to fall apart of a sudden. Stay Tuned

One final thing. Any Republican that touches the Minuteman PAC money is in danger. I am getting more and more uncomfortable about where that money that is in that PAC came from. Ignorance might not be enough if this breaks in the last days of the primary.

Finally. Questions must be asked of Randy Graf in Arizona. He is running in a Republican Primary to replace KOLBE. Now he has connections to the Minutemen. Very close connections to the Simcox faction. But what is disturbing is that AMerican Caging is a big part of his campaign. LEt me say that they are not involved with many campaigns. The ones I have looked at that they have been for , such as Gilchrist in California and Lewis in West Virginia are raising big red flags. We cannot afford a scandal breaking in that race in October. Please any one associated with that race needs to spend a day looking at all my entries or email me so I can point out the revelant info you should be looking at. I hope that everything is fine with Graf. But from a thousand miles away the FEC reports are troubling and question must be asked now. If we don't do it. The Dem will

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Anonymous dragonsblood88 said...

American Caging has been getting mail from Graf, I ought to know since am the one who inputs them in the computer everyday as a special project. American Caging has started to recieve the donations on this around the end of May. Not much but pieces of mail but a lot of money on them or in them. Yea you really need to get a hold of them before they get to deep into this. Not only that fyi I wrote to Sean Hannity on Fox news about them also. Lets see if we can do more.

9:02 AM  

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