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Saturday, August 26, 2006

What is happening on by blogroll

Time to do another roundup on what my blogroll is doing. I shall also highlight what people are saying about hurricane Katrina and that anniversary

A view from the Evil Center blog is doing a good bit of work highlighting hurricane Katrina including taking us back to day by day weather reports. It is indeed chilling looking at those reports again. He also had a post on Wednesday about Katrina Heros at the Superdome. He is going to be talking more about these various heros. I am glad he is doing that. A lot went wrong during that tragic storm , but I tell you a hell of a lot went right. This is postive stuff that we need.

Between the Lines takes the Blanco administration to task for their Post Katrian efforts.

Big Lizards has a great post on the Subs that the State of Israel is buying from the Germans. This will be a important part of a term I prayed I never thought I would have hear again. That is MAD-mutual assured destruction. Well, if the world lets Iran get the bomb there is really no choice.

Cajun Tiger, our Lousiana guy in IRAQ has a great post on Wal-Mart facts. I am glad he doing this. I couldnt believe my eyes last week when I saw Sen Biden at an anti walmart rally. What a goof

Done with Mirrors has some thoughts and is asking for help understanding this weirdness the Democrats did in Alabama as to a gay candidate they disqualified. I am going to research this also. I find this extrremely odd and it sounds something weird is going on down there. If you are from Bama leave a comment on her site. Dont worry if I find any kookiness as to this I shall yell it from the mountains.

By the way, Only one Freakin week till LSU football. You know where I will be. Freakin Mississippi urgggg. I will be searching any Sports bar in the delta that might have the game on. I doubt any people in Mississippi Delta will want to watch that on ESPN Gameday. ANy way thank God some of our players are clearing the NCAA Clearing house. Go to Tigersmack here and here for the latest.

We Saw That links another idiotic Katrina conspiracy theory. Guess who was behind the levee's failing. Zionist Casino owners!!!! Good grief. Kudos to we saw that for pointing out this insanity. I am going to speak on this later and talk about how these conspiracy theories are dangerous and in fact hurt real people and communities. By the way Spike Lee is a idiot. There is a special place in hell for those that profit off tragedy like this and sow discord for bucks.

There is much more on my blogroll so check them out. There are a few I shall be highlighting in seperate post. But time is running out and have to run to Mass. Please pray that this dangerous storm in the Gulf does not hit Louisiana. We are not in the position to take another one this soon.

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