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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Well it has been a Exciting Day so Far

I must say the post below and that link is still providing excitement. I shall be observing Liberty Post to see the reaction of that crew. Perhaps Connie Hair will make another hit and run appearance. If anything breaks I shall let you know. Anywho, I was on Free Republic and posted something similar to my Coach Saban post of yesterday. Which reminds me. When we discuss anything LSU Related we must post a pic of our favorite LSU Goldengirls
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Anyway, views points at FR weredivided on this issue if Saban should have skipped football meetings and gone chow down with the Prez. I suppose people don't realize how driven ole St Nick is as to football. By the way, I love Bush. I would almost do anything to eat dinner with him But a question my LSU fans. What if you had this choice. What if you could eat dinner with the President or go watch LSU play live in the National championship. If the event occured on the same night what would be the choice. Well, any tiger fan knows that answer right away.

Attention Council of Conservative Citizens- St Louis. I am going to mention yall tomorrow so stay tuned blogmeister in St Louis. More specifically I am going to talk about their goofy kookdum unoffical radio show. I might if I have time mention it tonight. I am going to try to get that post out for Subway tonight so we shall see. I will check back in later.


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