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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Welcome to My Blogroll

Time to do another Welcome to My blogroll post. I try to get some very interesting blogs that one might not be aware of.

First let me highlight an excellent blog form Georgia. That is Maxedoutmama. I have been following Maxedoutmama for some time and always find the topics she talks about fascinating. She has a lot of common sense also in her analysis. She is a conservative blogger and thankfully unlike some of the political oriented blogs not an echo chamber.

Another great find and also a conservative blog is From Sea To Shining Sea. His decription of himself is This site is dedicated to providing moderate-right opinions, and information and articles that counter some of the nonsense being inculcated in our young people by public schools and by many colleges and universities. It rejects multiculturalism, embraces the melting pot and celebrates the idea of America. I must say that again I find it fascinating that now his views are described as moderate. He had some great post the last few days. Check them. Again another sane blog.

Two quick Louisiana blogs. Both are religious in nature. First a nice Catholic blog from South Louisiana. That is From The Recamier. I like this blog because she often highlights the Saint of the day. Also this blog will be of interest to those that like to know what happen on this day in history type thing. That is a large part of her post too. She decribes her blog as Catholic saints & theology, historical events, births and deaths, and my daily activities, so there should be something here for everyone. I agree. A very plesant blog that is nice to check in with on a daily basis.

The other blog that has a religious nature is from a young man that is from the Anglo Catholic tradition. He is from North Louisiana. HE is Catholic, Orthodox and Anglican. I am hoping he starts posting on a more regular basis. His link list if your're Espicopal is something to take a look at. Speaking of Religious blog. I am looking for a good blog from the Orthodox tradition to put up. That faith will have much more of an impact in the US over the coming years. Especially in the South.

Back to politics. I am adding another Iowa blog that is focusing on the upcoming Republican Prez race. That is The Caucus Cooler. Part of my mission today is to find a good New Hampshire blog. I think many of us Repubs are trying to decide who to support for th 08 race. I hope this addition as well as Krusty Konservative is a help. There is a lot of interesting things happening up there in the Buckeye State that the MSM or for that matter the blogworld is not reporting.

Ok one more Louisiana blog. I swore to myself I wasnt going to put him on till I found a good ole fashion Louisiana Republican blog. In fact if I find one I like I might update this post. His blog is called Not Right About Anything and is from Lafayette. He is a prime example of the unhinged left lol. In fact at times he makes one of my other Louisiana liberal bloggers look like he is a member of the John Birch Society. But I have to admit I enjoy his blog and plus he has a lot of output. Also, I think its times for us Louisiana Bloggers no matter what our viewpoints to band together a bit. There are some issues that this we can and need to unite on for dear ole Lousiana. Speaking of Louisiana Republican blogs. If anyone has a good one send one to me. I am lookin for a Republican blog that is proud to be a Republican with no bitchin, no caveats, and no exceptions and has a attitude of YES WE WILL WIN IN 06 AND 08. I swear I am tired of hearing I am Republican "but". That seems to be vogue nowadays but in politics is not a winning attitude.

Finally a couple of blogs from the UAE I wish to put on my blogroll. The first is An Emirati's Thoughts. The Second is a American that is teaching in the UAE. That is The Emirates Economist. I am visit their blogs quite a bit and both are informative. I am doing this for several reasons. First it is time we start paying attention to the Arab blog World. Second , because we need some local insight on the issue of Iran. I also plan to revisit soon the stupid handling of the Dubai Terminal deal by our Congress. Not its finest hour.


Blogger Ian McGibboney said...

I've noticed the people who say I'm unhinged are the ones who read the most. Thanks for the readership, and welcome to my blogroll as well.

7:59 PM  
Blogger Pondering American said...

LoL your welcome

8:37 PM  

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