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Friday, August 04, 2006

A Urgent Post To All Political Arizona Bloggers

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Over the past month many conservative and Republicans have been voicing concerns about a situation that is occuring in your state. If the allegations are true then this could be explosive and cause conservatives and Republicans great damage in the general election this November on a nationwide basis. This concern has developed into far more than just chatter. Conservative and Republicans have on blogs and internet forums taken considerable time in researching these rumors. What is being found is getting more troubling by day. This could affect many of our Republicans hopefuls in the general if this is not explored now. Some Repub canadiates involved know exactly what is going on. Others might be damaged by sheer ignorance.

This revolves mainly around the Minuteman project. The Washington Times has come out with reports involving matters of grave concern about this. As you shall see this only scratches the surface. Also there is another urgent matter for Republicans and Conservatives in Arizona. This matter might touch a race that is occuring in the Republican Primary in District 08 right now. This is of course the district where a Republican Primary is occuring to replace Congressman Kobe. This also involves a Republican that has embraced the Minuteman Group under Chris Simcox as well as people that are receiving money under this pac

I have several post on this subject and the players involved. However this info comes from mainly the work of others. At the bottom of this post I shall comprise a list of every blogger that I have sent this post too. I will leave it to you to ask the appropriate questions of the people in your State. May I suggest if we don't the Dems will in the General Election.

Washington Times Stories as to Minutemen and possible Fence Scam
Minutemen skeptical of ties with Keyes project.

This article discusses The overview of the scam. Including the following Players- Diener Consulting associated with Phil Sheldon and Williame Greene of Renew America that is associated with Alan Keyes, The Sheldons and William Greene. Response Unlimited and Response Enterprises that have the same associations. that hof course is related to all the beforementioned. And of course Mr Chris Simcox.

Minutemen not watching over funds
Another informative article that goes into allegations of mismangement

Minutemen put trust in their finance firms.
A piece on how the Minutemen responded to allegation

Questionable books
A Washington Times Editoral degending their reports and demanding answers.
Note the Minutemen have demanded retractions. It is now day 12 and the Times still has not retracted

Human Events Story
A important artricle to look at and especially when examing this issue with the thread that will provided below. Please focus on American Caging. For you people in Arizona this is important. Mr Graf that is involved in the primary has given 20,000 dollars in "caging fees" toAmerican caging. This should be examined as well as his FEC reports that have been submited for other connections to the above characters.
Note- American Caging is a important link in this. American Caging is not a corporation and has not been since July of 2005. That fact is not disclosed. Read this with other threads closely.

Threads from Conservative Forums that must be read.

I will list these groups in order. Each forum has members that bring particular expertise to the issue. In fact on one forum Minutemen and Spokewoman Connie Hair speak. Much origianal research is contained in all these threads and forums

Conservative Forums (note there is goodnature sniping between these forums as you can see lol. But the meat is the info. Consensus is on all three forums is there is a major problem)
I have not listed any liberal forums that is because it is not being talked about. Ask yourself why and if it is because they are holding their fire.

CLown Posse
Ready for Primetime -- American Caging, Inc. -- A work in progress....
A very important thread. A must read with much original info and links. This is of interest of all people involed in the beforementioned Republican primary in Arizona

CaL speaks about Simcox/MCDC at LP! Grab your popcorn.
A important thread that references a important Liberty post Forum thread. Poster Cal is Spokeswoman Connie Hair.

Simcox responds to the Washington Times (again)
Another thread with more info

Simcox/MCDC/OLAS -- The LP threads
Commentary on LP threads. Again useful because the commentary again focuses on people that are actual minutemen and know the situation.
Major thread to read. This touches on race's around the country. Again involvement of these groups are having to have questions raised so we can clear our Republicans names so not to be used against us. More American Caging, More Keyes, More dubious folks
update- I have been contacted and told info on Graf that needs to be seen will be added top the above. Again just question but questions we need to ask not Dems.

Anyone know anything about this organization?

A humor filled thread but actually gets the point across quite nicely

More Fun-Filled Simcox/MM Reporting
More commentary and origianal research on Washington Times articles

Free Republic Threads
This threads of course come from the largest Conservative forum on the Internet where the discussion has been quite insightful. Please read with care. Much Original research and commentary about the people involved from people in the know

Broken Borders: Broken Promises (Simcox-Minuteman)
First major thread on the Subject. This is when seed from which the Power of Conservatives to investigate their own was unleased Long thread. This was when the questions were being formulated. Also linked to explosive and troubling Arizona TV expose-Good Read- Free Republic is again there asking the tough questions much like in the famous filegate episode. Kudos to them

Minuteman Civil Defense Project President Chris Simcox Answers Critics
Important thread/ More Questions being asked Big picuture becoming clearer to freepers.

Minutemen not watching over funds (Simcox Questioned Over Funds)
First thread in which FR examines Washington Times Charges again more research. Including interaction again with people involved with the group

Minutemen skeptical of ties with Keyes project (Funding Questions)
Explosive. Interaction with Minutemen- Also Keyes Supporters. Questions being asked. People starting to spin then evade.

Questionable books (Minuteman-Simcox)
Another good thread more questions and more evasions. More research that can be accessed.

Chris Simcox calls WT article "offensive" (John Gibson radio interview, transcript included)
Good thread. More research with links that can be accessed. Again major questions asked and Simcox to be honest refuted.

Keeping the trust is the first order (Minutemen-Simcox)

Good thread more questions and answers from FR freepers research. Unfort no answers from people involved with intimate knowledge. Just evasions Based on Jewish World report that can be accessed there.

Minuteman Civil Defense Corps Responds to Washington Times (Simcox).
More research and links.

A time for war (Keyes invokes Bush doctrine)
Important and latest thread on FR. Forum participants quickly turn the heat on the true subject behind this Keyes news release. Important info also around post 200 about Keyes/Minutemen organization that you might not have been aware of.

Update - Newest thread on FR to talk about topic
Latest Aerial View of the MinutemanHQ Border Fence
Also has a humerous take as can be seen in the pic

Very important read Minutemen Involvement on this thread. People who Know the actors in this Drama. Including Connie Hair, Chris Simcox, Jim GilChrist. Important Minutemen From organization in Texas and California speak-

Simcox’s Minuteman PAC plans to spend up to $125,000 in Michigan to “get-out-the-vote.” (My Title
Very important thread and needs to be read urgently
Raises legitimate Questions about Minuteman Fund Pac funding that is being released. questions of illegal shifiting of funds. often Republicans that are receiving this have no knowledge that questions are being raised. potential big problem

Minutemen Defense Corp Respond To the Washinghton Times.
Important thread Cal(who is Connie Hair) speaks. Minutemen and others not satified big questions raised

Updated- Connie Har made a another appearance on Aug4/aug5 and threatens people again lol. She is under poster name cal and that action picks up in the 170's area
More Minuteman Threads to be added on Updates

Blogs that have examined the issue

Subway Canaries -major exposes(Republican blogger)
This blogger has also known Simcox and offers hers thoughts in her post. Great reporting on American caging and also other figures

Note the following post
Minuteman Mess - Let the Games Begin!

Who is Laine Lawless, Former Xena Groopie and What Is Her Connection to the Misc. Minutemen, et. al.

Chris Simcox and His Band of Merry Little Minutemen .

Important info For Graf Race in Arizona
Now I take no pleasure in this. For the record I am not employed nor a particular advocate for any person in this Republican Primary. For full disclosure Kraf is not where I am at on the immigration issue. However, if he wins his connection to the minutemen and to other folks is going ot be very problemactic if there is fire too this ton of smoke.
Major thread to read. This touches on race's around the country. Again involvement of these groups are having to have questions raised so we can clear our Republicans names so not to be used against us. More American Caging, More Keyes, More dubious folks
update- I have been contacted and told info on Graf that needs to be seen will be added top the above. Again just question but questions we need to ask not Dems.

A Liberal Blog In Arizona starts to make some connections(I don't think he or she realizes what their blog was on too)
Randy Graf holds the unusual distinction of being the darling of the left and the right, simulaneously. Heck, I've even considered a donation to his campaign. He is the champion of the far Right, yet many liberals feel sure that he is the best hope for Democrats to overcome our slight registration disadvantage in the district by pushing independents and moderate Republicans into voting Democratic. We'll see.
Considering that Graf has been running pretty much continuously since 2004, his numbers don't look so hot. He brought in over 60K this quarter, but he also spent over 60K. The graph below is incorrect. Graf started the quarter with about 25K on hand, and ended it the same way. Graf is living off the land. His major expense has been fundraising. He spent 20K for services from
American Caging, alone. Coincidentally (or maybe not), American Caging boasts of the Minutemen among their clientele. Throw in over almost $7,000 in payments to Compass Bank for 'fundraising', $2,500 in payments to Graf himself for 'mileage and fundraising', over $13,000 in payments to various 'political consultants', and over $6,400 to a 'High Noon Campaign Products' for a fundraising letter, and the rest of the operation is pretty spare

I am very worried about this race. Graf might be pure as the friven snow. But that American Caging connection raises big flags. For an example examine the recent Lewis race in the West Virgina Primary as Exhibit 1

Please take time to LOOK at Graf's FEC filings. Better us to ask the questions now than the Dems in October.Hopefully everything is ok.

The important thing to look at is the disbursements. Especially to out of state firms. Ask who are they? Again hopefully everything will be in the clear

I will be posting in their comment Sections as well as email the blogs in Arizona. I will post over the night and email any Arizona Blog that has updated within the last 10 days. On Saturday Night I shall mail this post to all media in the State of Arizona. I suggest we bloggers be the watchdogs we should. Arizona this is in your own backyard. We are depending on you.

I shall send this out to at least 50 blogs tonight. I have a list. I shall update this post throughout the night as I list blogs that have been given this info

Blogs Contacted-Note these are all Political Blogs or Blogs in Arizona where at least it seems they mention politics once in a while . We Republicans are in control of our Destiny right now since we are in the primary season. At this point I am not going top spend 10 minutes per blog trying to find political leanings of each blog. Even though I am trying to hit the Conserv and Repubs one in Arizona

ARIZONA BLOGS THAT HAVE BEEN CONTACTED-(plus my observations of some of their blogs)
Jaded Sunburns ,
AZ Perspective and Junk
ZONTICS Arizona's First Political Blog Emailed only no comment section good blog by the way
VOX - musings, rants, rambling, and general nonsense (nice blog by the way)
Machers World
-He has been banned in India thats cool
DownTown Chick Chat Cool Sexy Mermaid graphic too
Event Horizon A blog devoted to current events commentary- Nice read too
The Smallest Minority Cool Blog for Blogroll consideration. I am coming back to get that Lebanon banner
Rings of Benzene -conjugated/aromatic/carcinogenic Nice blog They JUST got married so I left the gift of knowledge as a present
Infinite Monkeys- Cool blog to check out Conservative has music focus too. Fun post about
Brainster -Cool Blog too. Pretty updated and really hits the national and local scene well

The View from My Chair cool blog and different. In fact I liked it so much I subscribed


Anonymous Sallyvee said...

Your link on "Anybody know anything about this org? is a classic!

Everyone, please click on this excellent, funny, and informative parody:

6:38 PM  
Blogger Pondering American said...

Thanks. This will be my project for the night contacting all blogs in Ariznoa lol . I exepct I will be up till dawn. But I think its is important. This isnt just me looking at this or some kooky conspiracy theory thee threads show that. It is time to clean house. Oh that thread is so funny

6:44 PM  
Anonymous Sallyvee said...

As to all the serious and seriously disturbing info here, my hat is off to Pondering American for pulling all of this info together. I was familiar with 3 or 4 of the threads you've linked. But much of this is new and will make fascinating weekend reading.

Is it too much to hope that a guy like Sean Hannity will show some intellectual honesty, after all the promoting and cheerleading he's done for Slimeball Simcox and the Invisible Fence? Probably.

As for the gaggle of loud mouth Right Wing Alien Purge bloggers, my guess is none of them will touch it, as it may raise difficult questions about their agenda.

I will try to email Jerry Seper @ WashTimes, and a few other media folks who seem to have integrity.

6:45 PM  
Blogger Pat said...

Linked from Brainster's Blog. Not sure I understand the whole story here, but there certainly seems to be adequate reasons for concern. Good job by all involved!

11:54 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Okay people are you reading for the truth of American Caging owned by Maureen E Otis Pc? Well here it goes.
I work for the her since May of 2006. It lets just say while am working there nothing seems right at all. I noticed a lot of things going on there that people should know about her and the company. One payroll checks are hot and on the fraud list here in Tx, also she is not in good standing withe the IRS, which means her not registered with them, which means the company is not a legitment company. She is also a racist,but yet she continues to hire poor blacks on welfare, and hispanics, legal or not in her company. Mostly people whoe work for her and brings in there family from Mexico or other Countries to work there for nothing. Money has been coming in steadly everyday but, yet we are always short here or there when trying to balance our books. Yet nothing has happened to her. She has warrents out for her arrest on fraud for the payroll checks and never opened the door for the Police when they presented to her. And she told everyone she will fire the first persons who will open the door. Now I dont know about you but, am not a mad ex-employee. I still work there and in the process of trying to find somewhere else to go. And heres the kicker people. She lets her dog crap at the work place while she sleeps there while running from the law. And expects us to look for it and clean it. Someone needs to do something as we who work for her are poor but not stupid. Every body knows there is something very wrong with this company, but to afraid to say anything as it will mean they cant feed there kids and family. Who's looking out for us? It's not the TWC or the EEOC.

8:05 PM  
Blogger Pondering American said...

Dear anonymous

I am very interested in what you have to say. Again I aunderstand the need for you to be anoymous. Needless to say I cannot suddenally put a new post on this without verifying some things. Again I unstand the position you are in. I have particular interest in the payroll checks siutation. If you wish to contact me by email please do

9:14 PM  

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