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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Urgent Matter Regarding Minutegate, American Caging, and the Randy Graf Race in Arizona

Because of some evil Spam , I am currently working in trying to get may Email cleared of over a Thousand Spam messages. However as I am doing so I have read with interest some comments that are posted on my blog that are sent to me via Email. I have voiced concerns about the minuteman Pac headed by Simcox. I have also raised concerns that certain questions must be asked of Randy Graf in Arizona regarding his involvement with American Caging, the Simcox Minutemen, and other matters that concern me on his FEC filings. As I have stated there is only two weeks left in that primary in Arizona and we need to ask these questions, not the eventual Democrat opponent. It appears I have received two comments regarding urgent information that is wished to be conveyed to me about these matters. I have no idea at this point if a email was sent telling me the details. Like I said I am in spam email city right now as to my account so it is taking me a bit to get to the legit email that I have received since Saturday.

If you have sent a email please resend it so I can review it. If you have left just a comment and wish to convey information please do so by email if you fell uncomfortable doing so in a comment. Any information will be confidental by me as will be any matters regarding you. I shall hopefully be able to respond tonight if I am able to wrap up my business and return home. Again Thank you for concern. Needless to say time is of the essence.

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