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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Update On William Greene of and Related Enterprises

I ran across something interesting on William Greene the other day I thought I should post. Williame Greene if you are new here is sort of a force now in our conservative politics. In his prior life he ran a Diploma Mill scam all under guise of a Church that seems connected to TBN. Well, I guess that is ok since it was done for Jesus. Anywho, to learn more go here to my previous post for more details on that. Oh and he is also involved in Fence Gate. Well in this post I made the following observation.
.......Also this new kooky Constitution Party is troubling. This is the party that Gilchrist the minuteman is associated with by the way. It is popping up all over the place. Now those folks that believe in that stuff normally vote Republican. They might have some misgivings about the Republican party on some issues but generally they are loyal Republican voters. Now I am seeing this party appear all over the place. Thye are not a huge factor but they are draining votes off the regular Republican running could use. We really can't afford that to happen when control of the House is so close. PLus remember its not like we won the last Presidential race by a landside. Why, Am seeing these same folks fingerprints all over this thing. A third party would kill us conservatives politically. But it does help get more money into certain pockets and helps the old mailing list business.

My reference to fingerprints was to the Green/Sheldon alliance. I came across this past interesting blast email from Mr Greene.
ALERT: Are you tired of seeing illegal aliens and their supporters marching in the streets, demanding American citizenship rights for lawbreakers? Then you're lucky you live in Georgia -- because Chris Simcox, co-founder of the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps, is going to be speaking at a patriotic rally -- AND at a special dinner -- on Thursday, April 6th. Chris Simcox will be speaking at 12:30pm at a press conference in the Georgia Capitol in Atlanta along with other political leaders, legislators and candidates. The topics will include what needs to be done to secure our borders, what Governor Perdue needs to do with regards to immigration in Georgia, and especially with regards to his need to act on Senate Bill 529. Then on Thursday evening at 6:00pm, Simcox will be the keynote speaker at the Constitution Party of Georgia's State Leadership Conference, being held in Buford at Covenant Presbyterian Church. Simcox will address the current state of our nation's security at our borders and how the leadership of the major national political parties has exacerbated the negative impact of illegal immigration on Georgia's communities. Everyone is welcome to come and hear Simcox discuss what must be done to secure our borders, and see footage of the work of the Minutemen and the impact of our nation's current open borders policies. CP State Chairman Ricardo Davis noted, "Georgia owes a debt of gratitude to Simcox and the Minuteman Volunteers. In the spirit of the Minutemen of the Founding era they have not resigned themselves to complaining about the current state of affairs. By their actions the Minutemen shame every elected official who swore an oath to uphold the Constitution but thus far has refused to fulfill their obligation to protect the nation against foreign invasion. In light of the fact that Georgia is the second most popular transit point for illegal aliens passing through our southern border, Simcox's message is relevant for Georgia today." TAKE ACTION: You WILL NOT want to miss either of these events! As you know, the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps is the PREMIER citizen's group working to defend our nation's borders against foreign invasion. Come and hear Chris Simcox's powerful message: 12:30pm - The press conference will be held in the Georgia Capitol in Atlanta, at the Washington Street entrance. Chris Simcox and others will be addressing what needs to be done in Georgia on the immigration issue. DON'T BE LATE! 6:00pm - The 2006 CP Leadership Training Conference will be held in Buford at Covenant Presbyterian Church, 1420 Rock Springs Rd (less than 1 mile from I-85 & Ga. Hwy. 20). To hear Simcox's powerful presentation, and to take advantage of this conference's practical training for grassroots activists at every level of experience, register online at call 770-720-3185. PRE-REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED FOR THIS DINNER. See you there!
Sincerely, William Greene,

I think this email is very interesting. First to all people that think this third party stuff is great. Well if that is your view more power to you. My view is that Constitution Party is kooky as all get out. Further, despite the misgivings we all might have about our Party on a particular issue it is the best avenue for us to advance our views. If you don't like certain aspects of the Party well by all means get involved. It is not Rocket science. It is quite easy to get yourselves as well as like minded friends elected to positions in the party leadership where you can make a difference. Americans like politics but there is just so much they will stand. This isn't Italy or some place that has a Parlimentary system with tons of parties. This Country will remain a two party system as I see it. The problem is everytime this nonsense is attempted all it does is make the party that is more aligned with your views lose. IE see Ross Perot and Ralph Nader. My main complaint is that the Republican party really doesn't need this nonsense happening during the next two election cycles. If you disagree just let it happen and see the Dems take over and see truly how bad it can get.

Anywho, to the letter. When people send their money to Mr Greene, I think most suppose that they are sending it to an organization associated with the Republicans. Well Buyer beware. Everytime you send money to the latest Greene Coalition or pay him money to send faxes to Congressmen ,that money might be going to other things you might not be in agreement with. I am sort of keeping a eye on this Const Party, and I can't help but notice that I am seeing evidence of the "usual suspects" involvement in it. Now this all might have happened by glorious chance. Since Mr Greene has been hired(actually that isnt correct since in reality he and others own the Fence thing and tSimcox's minuteman projects) by Simcox to give him PR. But I can't help but notice that this email seems to be a lot about promoting this Const Party. Also note that this event is occuring in Buford Georgia. What else is in Buford. Well Mr Greene Company SICM is as well as the registered address of this new religious network he is setting up. I find this Church interesting too. This is the PCU branch of the Presbyterian Church. Besides having leading leaders of that church involved in the kooky League of the South(ie Pastor Wilkins of the Auburn Ave Church in Monroe Louisiana) it is also has some of its leading lightrs associated with this Const party. Perhaps Mr Greene goes to this church? Who knows. Maybe if someone is from Buford and you are reading this blog you might pop by there for Sunday Services this week. Anyway just something to watch.

I am still trying to figure out of there are connections to this Party if it is truly because of genuine belief in those principles or as I suspect this is just being taken advantage of for the $$$$$ making possiblities. It is of course fine to make a buck. But there is a rule in DC. You have to chose sides. I am all for COunsultants and PR's people making a buck. They are needed. But I am not for it if they are pretending to be serving us while in reality we are getting the shaft So if anyone has any info email me or leave a comment


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