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Friday, August 25, 2006

A Update on The Republican Presidential Primary In Iowa

Yeah, I know you saw that headline and went "yawn". Well for those 2 of you that are interested like me in what the people who are trying to to get the job of the LEADER OF THE FREE WORLD you have come to the right place . I have been keeping my eye on things and so today we have


First let me say I think this is a tad early for a state fair. I thought state fairs were suppose to be in the fall. HMM maybe it is a Iowa thing. Anywho it is a big event and most everyone that hopes to be Prez makes an appearance.

Krusty Konservative Blog brings us his observations-

Some good info on the above as I am sure you all visted his nice site. I must say I was disappointed that Gov.Mike Huckabee didnt make a appearance. That seems sort of not a smart move but hell it is still early. I think of big interest is again signs of how well Governor Pataki seems to be doing in Iowa. Again I am hoping to see more signs of organization by Brownback in Iowa soon. As yyou can tell I am leaning toward Huckabee or Brownback. But still have not ruled out McCain and maybeeeeeee Romney. also Sorry I don't get all giddy like so many people do when Newt makes a appearance and utters his latest wisdom. I like him but please he couldnt get elected President. I am not into all these let me bring "issues to the table" campaigns.

On the bright side Tom"Our Dear Leader" Tancredo did not make a appearance. Thank God for small favors, let us hope that trend continues.

Oh, while we are on the topic of Iowa, a certain newspaper has still not printed my letter to the editor as to their shortsighted views on Louisiana and Offshore Oil revenue sharing. Well perhaps they are waiting to put it in the big Sunday edition.

If you are interested in Iowa Prez things go check this soon to be new edition to my blogroll. That is The Caucus Cooler . Cool site. His latest entry is on how all the Senator Allen mess plays out in Iowa and who gains from it. I tend to think like he does and believe that Romney and Huckabee do. A few words on Allen. No I don't want to get into the comment thing, I have done that a thousand times on forums it seems.During the last month I noticed something interesting. It seems for no apparent reason, Allen was getting bashed on several Conservative forums. This was way before the whole "Macaca thing". I saw similar comments on the blogs. There seemed to be a effort to make him some big liberal/rino/ not true conservative etc etc. I just wonder what underground political internet marketing firm was behind that and more importantly who paid them.

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