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Monday, August 14, 2006

Update On Republican Candidate Chester Kelly in the 4th Congressional District

I did Part I of the Congressional Races in Louisiana the other day. I foucded in that post on the race in the 4th House District where "Jim" McCrery is the Republican Incumbant. In that post I mentioned a curious Republican entry by the name of Chester Kelly. I also referenced soem business interest that Mr Kelly was involved in . Mr Kelly's campaign manger contacted me this mornning by email. With his permission I shall post his email


I see that you mention Chester Kelley at your blog.
There are a few things I should clarify:

1) Chester T. Kelley is my Uncle, business partner,
and friend. His involvement with any stock related,
or software related business is as my "business
manager". He has no connection with the daily
operation of either the stock-related businesses,
nor the software-related businesses. I am the majority
owner and creative force behind these businesses.

2) The stock-related businesses have nothing to
do with a "penny stocks" per se. I (and those who
write for me from time-to-time) offer commentary
and advice on the stock market and individual stocks.
We do not, as a matter of course, own stocks we
discuss. If we do, we disclose fully our ownership.
And, by "we", I mean, "me". To my knowledge, my Uncle does not own stock at this time.

3) The "Fake Family" software you mention is neither
a "scam" nor even available for purchase. "Fake Family"
was a software project that I designed but have not
released to the public. My intentions with the software
have been completely distorted by the blog you link
to. And, beyond that blog is the issue of how and why
they even knew of the software in the first place. In short,
"Fake Family" is not for sale, and to my knowledge not
in use by anyone. I don't use it and the programmer who
wrote the code does not, either.

I hope this helps with your blog. If there is any way I can
be of service, please email or call.

Don Harrold
Campaign Manager
Chester T. Kelley for Congress
318-550-3278 (local Shreveport number).

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