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Sunday, August 06, 2006

Trouble in The Minuteman Movement

From an interesting email I just saw. It is quoted below

Ireceived(also many others) a long e-mail from Simcox. I wonder if you have also. Below is a paragraph from that mail. I am uncomfortable with this type of bad mouthing. Comment please.

CHRIS SIMCOX @ MCDC SAID: Minuteman Project "founder" Jim Gilchrist is about to lead his band of volunteers to the slaughter in the Laredo area beginning September 11th. MCDC does not sanction this suicidal plan of Gilchrist's -he does not have the support of land owners, law enforcement and Border Patrol as he claims. It is imperative that all MCDC volunteers stay away from this dog and pony show disaster in the making. We begin our fall MCDC border watch along the entire southern border just as we always do on October 1. We will be deployed in new areas in all four southern border states during our fall operation. We have new equipment and many new volunteers, but we must stick with MCDC and steer clear of the Gilchrist, Texas Minutemen, Glen Spencer American Border Patrol radicals. We can only pray for them and hope they do not self destruct, get someone killed and ultimately tarnish the Minuteman movement -even if they do, we shall rise above by sticking with our SOP and rational game plan. We will conduct our operations as we always do in order to assist law enforcement and with the safety of our volunteers as a primary operational concern.
Chris SimcoxMinuteman Civil Defense Panhandlers

Simcox's reply letter to MM01: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

SIMCOX: Make some sense, have you ever heard of complete sentences, well constructed and backed with factual examples? (EXHIBIT A CHRIS!) Or, is this just the extent of your 3rd grade education?
MM01: Now you stab Gilchrist and Spencer and TXMM in the back...SIMCOX: Have not stabbed anyone in the back -I come at you head on. Gilchrist, Spencer and TX Minutemen would never pass inspection with MCDC. All are extremist, racialist radicals. Gilchrist should have been the first person terminated from the April '05 month long project for violating the SOP.???? It was Jim who started the Minuteman Project operation not you, you are delusional
MM01: You lost the Utah guys.SIMCOX: What Utah guys? My mistake, the Oklahoma guys have now become Minuteman Project guys! We have many volunteers in Utah. For every one person we vet out and terminate, we gain a dozen more to replace them with, that is a result of our thorough screening process (you obviously failed the test) and because of our practical reasoned approach to the problem.MM01: You lost your thermal team in three points
SIMCOX:We have 3 thermal teams in the three points area -seems they were all on duty last weekend, and will be there again next weekend. LOL you lost the best thermal team admit it..
MM01: Plus your best volunteers on your last big operation in your home stateSIMCOX: Our best volunteers are the ones who are with MCDC in good standing and are not radical, extremist racists.(maybe...but it takes one to know one and it appears your the expert on racists Chris Simcox) Most of our "best" volunteers are those whojust completed Search and Rescue Training and are out working with Border Patrol and National Guard personnel. All my days are nice. Remember when I requested a search and rescue from you Chris??? We saved that poor womans life because you were to arrogant to admit your mistake of lighting up illegals ansd scattering them into the dersert night. You refused to go and look for injured IA's And MM01 was started because of that here to refresh your memory....
MM01'S REPLY TO CHRIS SIMCOX'S REPLYGo to MM01 and look at the CBS video of your gorilla "pineapple" stabbing MM01 in the back on network TV...thats factual as it getsYou also have a big mouth...calling good Minutemen like Jim and Shannon radical extremists....Racists: It takes one to know one....CHRIS! I'm going to tell your wife Alena to divorce you... and she will do it. We talk on the phone all the time and she always says "I love you" when I hang up the phone...Have a nice dayPs. I have your data if you want me to run an email campain to your naive volunteers exposing your lies keep running your mouth...Simcox email#3Simcox: You must be lonely
MM01: Thank you for caring mommy....S
imcox: I know you are insignificant
MM01: I'm so insignificant compared to you...hmm...thats as arrogant as a person can get...
Simcox: Find a hobby and do something productive like helping the homeless or teaching new immigrants to speak English.
MM01: You think your a nice person cause you pester people about illegal immigration...and regarding your unsolicited advice Simcox...your a bad person and all you do is give bad advise...Thanks but no thanks!....Next time you kiss your wife Alena you'll hear my name in your ear....That reminds me I have to call her.... Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

The above is from the UNITED STATES MINUTEMAN OF ONE link go here to that post.

Update-Need some help. Please go the above blog and look at the area around his banner. Ok Notice how he has links and messages going around his banner. I would like to add that to this blog. I thought that would be a cool way to show what the other bloggers on my blogroll are posting. Now the question is how is he doing that and where did he get that from. If you are on my blogroll especailly help me lol. Because your new post will be circulating around my banner like that. It appears you hit on it and it goes to the link or blog or whatever. This would be a way to keep your stuff when I highlight it more available be3cause when I post a blogroll update people might not read it because they have to get through 2 or 3 of my longwinded post. Anywho email or leave a comment if you know anything about this.


Anonymous Sallyvee said...

Kooks fighting Kooks. Becoming very tiresome and unbearably humiliating for all those who consider themselves mainstream conservatives.

One of David Neiwart's many excellent opening paragraphs comes to mind:

One of the really fortunate aspects of the far right in America is that it is constitutionally predisposed to fracturing: the combination of latent paranoid tendencies, controlling personalities and gigantic egos makes it nearly certain that its various components can never form an effective, long-term coalition.


1:09 PM  
Anonymous OBL Propaganda exposer said...

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