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Friday, August 11, 2006

Top Ten Conservative Catholic Pick-Up Lines

This is from a blogger I have been following his blog for about a year. We Saw That highlighted him today. I have been planning on putting him on my blogroll for several reasons. One he is a big Episcopal and is in the know about all the events in that Church. I need a Anglican to complement the Catholics and one evangelical blog I have. Second he is from Louisiana. Which reminds me I need to find good blogs from the following parts of Louisiana. The Florida Parishes, Houma Region, North East Louisiana and especially the Baton Rouge area. Anywho, he also had a very funny joke about New Orleans on his blog yesterday but I felt too guilty to put it up lol. Anyway From Drell's' Descants TOP TEN CONSERVATIVE CATHOLIC PICK UP LINES-

10. May I offer you a light for that votive candle?

9. Hi there. My buddy and I were wondering if you would settle a dispute we’re having. Do you think the word should be pronounced HOMEschooling, or homeSCHOOLing?

8. Sorry, but I couldn’t help notice how cute you look in that ankle-length, shapeless, plaid jumper.

7. What’s a nice girl like you doing at a First Saturday Rosary Cenacle like this?

6. You don’t like the culture of death either? Wow! We have so much in common!

5. Let’s get out of here. I know a much cozier little Catholic bookstore downtown.

4. I bet I can guess your confirmation name.

3. You’ve got stunning scapular-brown eyes.

2. Did you feel what I felt when we reached into the holy water font at the same time?

1. Confess here often?


Blogger SJ Reidhead said...

Glad to see you have plenty of time on your hands and your grandfather is doing better!

My favorite Catholic pick-up in the movies is in the Quiet Man when John Wayne offers Maureen O'Hara Holy Water! It is quite romantic.

11:15 AM  
Blogger Pondering American said...

LOL, Thanks and thanks for the prayers, how was the vacation. I have to check that movie out

11:36 AM  

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