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Monday, August 07, 2006

Tancredo Vs. Catholics? PLUS TANCREDO IS NOT A CATHOLIC!!!!(Tancredo Watch)

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Good Grief you learn something new everyday. From todays Colorado Confidential.

Colorado Rep. Tom Tancredo may have accepted money from controversial immigration figures all around the country, but last July he made some controversial statements of his own. The subject? Catholics—and of course, their ties to illegal immigrants.
Erin Rosa :: Tancredo Vs. Catholics?
Max Blumenthal
reports on his blog about a media appearance Tancredo made on American Family Radio, where he responded to a caller that suggested Catholics were connected politically with immigration:
[43:30]CALLER, "LORETTA FROM TENNESSEE": First off, there's a church that says to its judges, if you have to choose between the church and the Constitution, choose the church. Secondly, there is a document, it must be available because I got it. I think was written by Pope Leo the Twelfth, the Fifteenth. I can never get those roman numerals right. And the document is entitled 'Making America Catholic.' There is another thing, this is the first time in US history that we have had a majority of Catholics on the Supreme Court. And I think the immigration issue may be more of getting immigrants into this country to present a bloc of voters that are voting one way from that standpoint. It's just a thought.
TANCREDO: The caller does bring up an interesting point in terms of the enormous power and prestige of the Catholic Church in this debate.
They are very, very heavily involved in the open borders movement.
TANCREDO: Oh, yes m'am. The National Council of Bishops have written extensively on this. They have certainly attacked me and a lot of others who want to secure the borders. A lot of motives have been ascribed to them. I can't speak to it. I was raised a Catholic, spent 12 years in Catholic schools. I'm an evangelical Presbyterian today. So i can't really speak to the motivation of the church. But the lady does have a point about the church's involvement. Also, the Mormon Church is heavily involved in the issue. Heavily, heavily supportive of open borders.

First the Catholic Church doesnt't advocate Open borders. That is pure propaganda.
I knew there was something about Tancredo being a active Catholic that didn't ring right .But hasn't the press as well as Tancredo also stated he was a Catholic? If he didn't state he was a Catholic he has been very clever. I have seen him talk about being a altar boy for instance. I have seen people in the media seem to think he was a Catholic when interviewing him and I havent seen him correct it. Look for updates? DiD Tancredo commit apostacy for political gain? Did Tancredo commit apostacy so he could bash the Church and associcate with people that propagate wild Catholic Church Conspiracy theories? . Maybe so maybe not. But I find this curious especially with the Catholic bashers he associates with.I am researching the record now. Stay tuned for updates

Tancredo Interview can be found here
on July 19th

Well looking at the internet was fascinating. It appears 99 percent of the World thinks that Tancredo is a Catholic. TO be fair I do notice that Tancredo has never right and outed lied about this issue. But I do say again he has been clever. I can't etll you how many times, I have seen Tancredo on television say things like "Well I was raised a Catholic" or I "attended Catholic Schools" or even mention the altar boy thing. This is often in connection with him defending himself about bashing the Church. OF course he leaves out a little fact. That he has left the Church itself.

However this does explain a few things perhaps. I often wondered how Tancredo could align himself with such people that had a huge dislike for the Catholic Church. Vdare and the Tanton groups for example. I was always puzzeled that as an educated Catholic he could not see the danger of aligning the pro life movement with population control fanatics. Well now that has been made clearer in my mind. It has been annoying in internet discussion groups that Tancredo's supposed Catholcism has been brought up as a defense to my conserns about the above. That defense will not work any more. As to his motivations for leaving the Church? Who knows? But I can't help but wonder if Tancredo , a man obsessed about immigration, left because of those concerns.


Blogger cam said...

Did you see Tancredo on C-span yesterday evening.

1:00 AM  
Blogger Pondering American said...

No I missed it. I live at in the boonies where the cable sucks. So no C-span two. I might try to watch it on the C-span archives on the net. What were your thoughts.

2:33 AM  
Blogger SJ Reidhead said...

Tancredo being anti-Catholic makes perfect sense to me, esp if he is keeping company with those I suspect he is. To me it is just more proof. Problem is, his 'associates' detest Catholics, Jews, Blacks, Hispanics...anyone who is not white, with blond hair, blue eyes, and does not have a propensity of 'northern European' i.e. Celtic, Saxon, Norse, Tutonic...blood in them. Get the picture?

Personally I think this is a very good development as it is helping to expose the true agenda here.

The Pink Flamingo

P. S. good job!

12:45 PM  
Blogger SJ Reidhead said...

P. S.

I am not Catholic. But you are.

Go for the jugular on this one. We may now have the Achilles heal and Tancredo sure doesn't look like Brad Pitt!

You are now in a position where you need to get like minded Catholics together and take him one.

The Pink Flamingo

12:47 PM  

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